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any updates on what happened? I kept getting this message several times and pressed the clean all button, but the last time it happened I capped it and closed the message, so I didnt get to clean.


Now I do a scan and I cant find it. My connection is super slow I dont know if it has anything to with this software or not :(

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Probably not ka it doesnt look too harmful? but than again what we may think is no harm can be deadly lol.

SW down all day today or something? it acting weird and been down alot lately, I dl back up for Spicy just in case and goodness our forum is quite big :(

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It hasnt been acting up on me until two nights ago, when I posted the cap in the admin forum :( I never get pop ups like that, that's why I'm worried. I did a full scan and it kept freezing when it gets to a certain point, so I cancelled and did a simple scan and nothing came up. I cant even find that software its' talking about :(

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