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  1. that a bummer but you should do what mai said and go get data retrieval or phone your laptop company they might be cheaper but it better then buying a new on.
  2. you probz will P'Tina there really good with delivery i usally get my dvds 2 day after order but i do live in england lol
  3. Wah really 5 minutes P'Tina? wow that quick lol it usally take around 15 minutes to stream lol
  4. i don't think they will lol it been the smae prices for a year and a half now lol but i like dootv the streaming is really quick whereas on iptv it take longer then the actual lakorn is for me
  5. i've ordered from here but it would be around $12.57 (i think) and their probz add posting cost but that all the depends on how much you order low i think it around 90p to £1.90 for postage
  6. http://z8.invisionfree.com/Tangmoclub/index.php? hope you come and join
  7. I use Mozilla too but it been slow for me too but i think it just my wireless conection coz youtubes slow too
  8. happy to help the good thing about them is you only get 4 - 5 discs wheres as most site i prder from i get 10
  9. it's actually pretty good. i didn't know they shipped out side the UK but i knwm my aunt ordered here frm scotland ans it charged her £1.50 shipping so hope that helps a little
  10. http://z10.invisionfree.com/NoonAonFanclub...hp?&CODE=00 Hope people come and join
  11. katerine


    oh lol i'm it depends somtime it can be after airring on iptv or couple hours after but once it was the next day
  12. katerine


    Right after the live one P'Sunny ^__^ but they usally put Ch 7 1st then Ch 3
  13. i have this on my computer and it works fine (last time i checked!) but if you go on here http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/default.html it should help with what the problem is. if it doesnt then i dunno :?
  14. has the url changed? coz i cant get on it
  15. http://s11.invisionfree.com/KenTheeradethfanclub/ this is my last one until i come back from thailand if i make one before july i give promision to shoot me
  16. Oh.. well before it said asf but now it says wmv
  17. well it is working it isn't working in windows movie maker and it shows up when i want to watch it in window media player... but when i put it in MovieMaker it just a blank screen can anyone help?!!! oh before i forget it was working earlier in there stupid thing need to be shoot in the head
  18. that would have rocked my kind of style but i like this one to
  19. aww i took information on aum from here and did credit u at 1st but then pam edited it by adding more stuff so we took ur name off sorry would u like it bk on?!
  20. do like to put your views on which is a good thing but goodness i hope you dont say i did anything wrong on Aums forum apart from someone said i spellt patchrapa wrong *hts* but i got it from here so it must be right
  21. umm ok then i'm not sure what to do it could just be that the file you downloaded is locked!

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