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  1. Hi everyone! Some friends and I started this great site that allows anyone to advertise their business or services or whatnots on it, and at a fabulously low rate! It only costs $1.00 per ad, and your ad will be there permanently for anyone interested. There an entire section dedicated to advertisements in relation to fashion (i.e. if you have a handbag business or clothing boutique, this would be the perfect place to advertise and expand your customer list!). No hidden fees or terms...it's completely trustworthy. It's a great way to launch off a starting business or expand an already exist
  2. it worked for me about 5 minutes ago...then when i signed off and tried to get back on, i got a random page...Bravenet or something... i think they might be updating it...
  3. i have some thai lakorns in thai audio for sale if anyone's interested...pm me for a list and for more information...
  4. well, they're about to start the Thai classes too...
  5. everyone who has registered for classes on the old site please, please, pleaaasssseeeee go to the new site! that way, once everyone's moved to the new place, then the classes can get started!
  6. thank you so much for your help, Shampoo!
  7. wow Mann! you have a forum for kob too? i never knew that! so how many forums do you have total?
  8. <3_Jieb, here's the link: http://z9.invisionfree.com/arayafanclub/index.php it's a great site!
  9. i want to upload some photos onto photobucket, but i'm so lost when it comes to uploading photos! lol! i have so many questions: 1. what other services are there that i can use to upload photos onto the internet? 2. is photobucket free? also, how do i upload the photo? because the photos i want to upload aren't in my digital camera...they've already been developed. so do i just scan them? how do you all upload the magazine photos, etc.? please help me if you can! i'm so confused!! thank you in advance!
  10. i just registered and i'm already loving it!!! so many languages are offered on the forum...and the more people that join, the better it'll be!
  11. this is a forum for poo praiya's fans...the forum's been up for a while now...but they only have 66 members......so it'll be great to have more people join! here's the link: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Sexy_Poo_Praiya/index.php?
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