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  1. Does anyone here subscribe to our blog and if you are a subscriber how did you do it?  Anyone else have trouble signing in right now?

  2. I didnt get the message at all
  3. oh wow eh, I'm not sure. Sunny? Thanks for bringing that to our attention @passionalee
  4. Mai

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    perhaps you should edit your post then Sunny if already two people are confused lol
  5. Mai

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    @tEaRdRoPso you see nothing when you reply to the picture gallery topics?
  6. Mai

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    Oh that's weird then. I don't think any of us touched the member groups, so not sure why it's doing that to you
  7. Mai

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    thats the whole point my dear lol
  8. Mai

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    wth as if we don't have enough forums already now theres a FAQ forums
  9. Sunny

    Sweetie, can you go into the Admin CP?
    I will check out why you cannot reply.

    1. Sunny


      I've checked and there is nothing wrong or different from me, you should be able to do everything :(

  10. Thanks Thip, you've been so much help
  11. Angelina files for divorce from Brad; rumors are that he cheated on her with a French actress Marion Cottillard

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    2. NinjaKKN


      I feel bad for Marion that her name got dragged in this. Everyone knows that she's with Guillaume for ages and they have a son together already. Congrats to them on their 2nd addition to the family.

    3. NinjaKKN


      As for Brad, I think he's experiencing a mid-life crisis or something. It was said deal with him when he's drunk and she doesn't like that he's always smoking pot in front of the kids. She said he has an anger issue too. I always see Angie as a better parent than Brad so I hope she gets physical custody of all the kids and Brad can seek help.

    4. Mai


      Wait its confirmed she said all that? That he has anger and pot issues? I thought these are all rumours

  12. Michelle Obama brought down the house. Glad for the Americans to have such an intelligent first lady lol

    1. Sreymao


      That's speech was awesome. I love Michelle lol

    2. Kimix


      what she said about the white house being by slaves had me tearing up. so truth and real. america itself was built upon by the exploitation of slavery!

  13. So sad for what is happening around the world. The death toll in Nice, France now 84

    1. Sunny


      Yea, woke up to bad news again, I don't know how many times this will happen until it ends :(

    2. honda


      My heart goes out to all the victims of the attack.

    3. Sunny


      Now its Turkey again... where is the humanity :(

  14. It only takes weeks to gain weight, but forever to lose it!

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    2. ASH30


      It's even harder when you are 35+ lol. I love to eat and that's the worst. Yesterday only had pho for dinner then about 10pm got hungry. Had some pastry and dried cranberries with almond. Anyway, eating late at night will get you.

    3. Mai


      The only problem is Im working out now, but eating more, which makes it so hard to lose the weight too lol. After working out I get really hungry

    4. Kimix


      I cry every time I look at my weight. :( It is so hard to lose even a pound. So sad! *cries*

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