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  1. Sunny, i had that sign yesterday that's why i posted in here too.. since then, i can't post or do nothing but i follow what Tina said and turn off that security part. i can post and stuff but still scare that add on will install itself but i think since i check on the PLS ADD before install ADD on, i think i'm okay .LOl
  2. i notice that part too.. it's very lagging. thanks MAI and Sunny for replying so quick.
  3. i've test again in FF .. keeps blocking me so i keep on ignoring it so i jump back to Explorer, it seem to work okay there but i have one of those add on pop up thing, i just refuse to have it install .. anyway, it was report as not being safe in FF. weird. thank you Sunny for answering back ..
  4. the site just got block again with FF. anyone have the same problem just now?
  5. they are so funny. i love the RAPPING episode. whoever can't get it right, have to start over .. khunnie is hilarious ..
  6. Cecilia

    Aum Attichart

    you gals are so funny, scare her away :( .. don't worry, i like him too ^^
  7. Cecilia

    dvd cloner

    what does it do? make copy of your dvd?
  8. but wait? .. isn't the quality are like .. BAD? it wouldn't pays to have it on disc if you play to watch it on tv ..
  9. cinemaforg is awesome too ^^ it's a freeware
  10. Cecilia

    Name on MV

    Just insert the info like you would on subtitle.
  11. not a bad idea to start a wikipedia .. Tinah, i'm so behind, how could i have missed that at SANRIEWORLD. CONGRATES!
  12. i'm shocked to see this .. SPICY RADIO . .oooh .. all those gossip and complains.lol . .kidding. *man, this make me wanna learn how to do dj stuff. Want to put one for sexybi forum too .. ANYWAY, CAN'T WAIT. SARNIE RADIO AND SPICY .. what's next .. WHAT! TINAH'S MARRIED? since when? i'm so behind then ..
  13. well, if she sub it herself .. then i guess it's alright but if she stole it .. then it's wrong .. but as in right now. i don't see her having any w/sub except that first one something about prong nee mai sai tee ja ruk ..something .. something..Lol
  14. Hey glad you got my DVD!! Is everything ok?? If any got damage just tell me I can re-do for you ^^ But glad it got there pretty fast ^^

  15. heck yeah, and I got a new visitor. I'm innocent na.

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