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  1. Anyone interested in atomy products? They are online Korean products

    1. Sunny


      I've never heard of them, I mostly just use Korean masks and make up but not really for skin care.

    2. pam


      Check out atomy-USA.com or search them up in YouTube, they have health and beauty products

  2. I heard 4 Po Dum is coming to the states? Hope it's true, definitely will not miss them!

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    2. pam


      Not sure what date for LA yet, but Chicago is March 31st

    3. xiong123


      Dallas is April 2

      L.A. Is April 3

    4. Sunny


      awww wish they come to Melbourne!

  3. pam


    I hope all these sites don't go down, def be bored w/o my Thai lakorns lol. I have obizgo to fall on too n my account for iptv ain't up till the end of aug too.
  4. it's very pretty Chrissy!! Great job, yeah that language thing pop up on me lol
  5. pam


    I think it's dootv.tv, I think I'll be watching theirs too
  6. pam


    my obizgo expires some time this month and iptv expires I think in july, probably won't be renewing either lol try to get those free ones for a couple of days first till I renew one.
  7. pam


    guess ch 7 is getting strict, obizgo had that new semi live thing and ch 7 live is also not there
  8. pam


    thanks girls, I finally just shut everything down, my comp and my internet router, now it's working fine.
  9. pam


    can anyone get into obizgo?? I don't know if it's the web or not or my comp, yesterday I can get into it from work, but this is the second day at home that I can't get into it....pissing me off!!!!
  10. I always use expedia or priceline, priceline always include the tax too. I need to be looking for a flight to go to LA soon too!!
  11. oh wow, new web to look into!! Thanks for the link ka!!
  12. I'm going to have to do a system restoration to the manufacturing defaults Last night my laptop kept on shutting off to the point where I was going to throw it out the window *gfa* So, when I go home, I'm going to have to make a copy of most of the stuff I have in there
  13. pam


    had no problems either!!
  14. I keep on bugging it with my friend at work, now he's going to really look at.
  15. LOL, right!! I'm gonna have to bring it to work then, find someone who can fix it. I think I need to reconfigurate it too anyways.
  16. don't know, it's been doing fine, doesn't shut when I'm on it since I have that cooling pad, it's pissing me off right now!! Could it be the setup though?? where it sleeps? I thought I went in and changed it but it's not that.
  17. Okay, haven't had a problem in awhile, but I was trying to convert stuff on my harddrive to dvd, but after 15-20 min of encoding, the computer shuts down??? And I would have to restart the power and it'll have me choose to either choos the safe mode or start windows normally. Don't understand why it's doing this, can anyone help???
  18. very nice!! welcome back guys/gals!! Lol I signed on earlier, but was still closed, and it said to certain groups and I was like dang must not be in the group, but all of a sudden I just saw this open up
  19. that's weird, it used to be b4 that if spicy didn't wok for me, sarn didn't work either, but today that wasn't the case, well workin for me, but nothing new since it probably just started working.
  20. pam


    okay, good thing I still had the codes in my email. Let's see if I can upload it now.
  21. pam


    there was nothing in there, I don't know if I accidently deleted it or not?? When I hit on the icon, nothing
  22. pam


    don't know what happen, but when I went to click on my wmr it was empty?? anyone know how I can recover??
  23. pam


    I think it's becuz I have Windows Vista, the wmr recorder is only compatible with XP and under. It'll record, but I think I have to convert it in order to be able to see it. :blink: that's my guess.
  24. I've recorded that show Kaan Bpak but somehow I can't retrieve it, don't know where it is. At first I couldn't play it back but somehow I converted to avi or something and it worked. I'm trying to upload it for yall, but can't find where it is Can someone help?

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