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  1. Updates: Umm, yeah layout, pics, credits to P'Nat (:
  2. Open the forum? It's open, isn't it? LOL... I tried to click register while not signing in and it works just fine. What do you mean by open the forum lor ka?
  3. s3.invisionfree.com/mtu_club/ Well yeah I was somewhat bored and decided to create this forum. It includes: Aimee, Charm, Kwang, Gaem, and Kaimook
  4. LOL not me ka. Works fine for me
  5. Fun but very cold ka. Nope 'cause I'm too lazy haha.
  6. I'm not sure...I've been quite busy since school started aa ka. But if it has I'll create another one about the same things (:
  7. Yep...we went to Harbin (the place with the ice&snow sculptures). It was like -24ºC.
  8. Welcomes. Umm, sorry I haven't been updating and coming online AT ALL. Stupid Shanghai...boring. Nothing to do there.
  9. LOL you can take those articles and post her if you want na ka, you don't have to credit if you're posting at spicy
  10. Welcome ka. I have free time, it's winter break (1 month) so I'll be updating regularly.
  11. I will post translated articles on gossip and everything (:
  12. Credits: P'Thip for creating the site, Me for the graphics&layout, And the members for helping us make SVC active. z13.invisionfree.com/son_view_club Other information: If you don't know who "Son&View" are, they are the pranangs of CH5 lakorn airing right now Kaew Lom Petch.
  13. P'Mannie!!! You finally told the world!!! LMAO... I love it :]
  14. I donno, P'Nang's trying to figure it out though...I think
  15. New URL www.savikaclub.co.cc But the old one works too
  16. Uhh ya I have the same problem since yesterday afternoon, don't know what happened...
  17. Well, I decided to create an RP site based on Thai ET business. You can play as an actress/actor/singer/head/newsreporter, or anything else you like. Come and join the fun! Positions available!
  18. Grace


    ^^ Happening to me too, but not as much as like 2 days ago. Hopefully they can all find a solution soon
  19. URL: z9.invisionfree.com/savikaclub
  20. Grace


    That's what everyone tells me, but it still doesn't work. I'm so fed up with it, but somehow it doesn't happen anymore. Thank god...
  21. Grace


    Youtube does weird things. Once, I tried watching something and the red bar showed full. The player showed only 3 mins of the 10 mins, and when I pulled the button, it went to buffering again. Mind you, I clicked on it THE NIGHT BEFORE and waited until morning.
  22. LOL, I'll join na ka. Seems like fun, and I could always spare some time instead of sitting there and complaining that I have nothing to do
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