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  1. I'm kind of back! But sorry I'm so tired so I'll slowly make way here soon. *kisses* Hope all have been well!

    1. Kate562


      Yay! Welcome back, Sunny!! How was your vacation? Happy New Year!

    2. Sunny


      Thank you and HNY to you too, holiday was great, so glad I took the chance when I could now I have no idea when I can travel overseas again with this Covid rising again lol.

  2. I'm traveling, if any trouble contact me on IG have a great Xmas and healthy NY ladies. *gh*

    1. Shaunty23


      Happy holidays, Sunny. ❤️

    2. Kate562


      Happy holidays and had a fun and safe travel, Sunny!!!!

  3. I see a lot of updates, thank you! I need to catch up *kisses*

  4. I've just booked my first flight overseas since Covid. I'm excited yet scared at the same time haha. :lostit2:

    1. tovsleeptov


      are you vaccinated ? im sure you will be fine. I go out eat often when the risk are higher than now lol everyone I know traveling and they are fine. but most of them are vaccinated tho. enjoy and have a safe vacation!

    2. Kate562


      Nice! Where are you traveling to, if don’t mind me asking? All I’m planning is a travel to FL next year for work… so boring. Lol

    3. Sunny


      Yes I'm vaccinated, I'm traveling to Qatar, Doha. I know its rather out of the blue and many people asked, why that country haha. I just feel like I need something very different and the Middle East seems like it will be a surreal experience.

      Follow my trip on IG if you can, I'll be going on Christmas hahaha. :369273idx8k7h059:

  5. Is there any lakorns I can pin? *rll*

    1. Shaunty23


      Ch7 released teaser of lakorns before the year ends. Teaser includes the ff:

      Weir-Prapye lakorn

      BigM-Hana lakorn

      Film-Mint lakorn

      Euro-Pinkploy lakorn

      Kat-Thanwa lakorn

      Donut-Pupe lakorn



      Ter lakorn

      Mark-Taew lakorn 

      James Ji-Anne lakorn



  6. The forum have been updated. If anyone notice anything out of the usual please let me know so I can get to it and try to fix it if I can :)

  7. Happy Birthday to us. Thanks everyone for visiting, no matter if you interact or not. Stay safe and healthy everyone, Love so much from me!
  8. Is Spicy acting up for anyone?

    1. Kate562


      Spicy?? All depends on whose acting. 

  9. Dude the new layout/skin is so detailed :omg5:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sunny


      Glad I bought the right one *ha-ha*

    3. shampoo


      It looks good!

    4. Kate562


      The new layout looks clean. Easy on the eyes. *yss*

  10. The forum needs to be fixed after the update. Wait on me, right now I'm a tad lazy. *em:P*

    1. tovsleeptov


      Thank you for your time and hard work you put in this forum so we all can enjoy!

  11. Man :/ I was suspended from my own forum for days! :omg5:

  12. Happy New Year everyone ^^ I'm in 2021 now, it is quiet, everyone is still scared and Covid is still in 2021. :huh: Stay safe, healthy and smile. :368959bc81nd29tx:

    1. Shaunty23


      Happy New Year. 🎆🎊 

  13. Confused feeling with my '0' Birthday this year but I'm so happy to be spending this year active at Spicy, thanks to everyone who has made me smile throughout the year here. *het*

    1. gumiho


      Awww Happy Birthday Sunny!!! :) 

  14. My fault, the forum was down because I forgot to change the IP address. Whew lucky it wasn't long. *het*

    1. Shaunty23


      Good thing it’s fixed now. :1269976tsewglblw1: Thank you Sunny*yss*

  15. I wish all celebs should just have a YT channel and vlog lol at least when they don't have lakorns on air I can watch their life instead haha.

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