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  1. Confused feeling with my '0' Birthday this year but I'm so happy to be spending this year active at Spicy, thanks to everyone who has made me smile throughout the year here. *het*

    1. gumiho


      Awww Happy Birthday Sunny!!! :) 

  2. My fault, the forum was down because I forgot to change the IP address. Whew lucky it wasn't long. *het*

    1. Shaunty23


      Good thing it’s fixed now. :1269976tsewglblw1: Thank you Sunny*yss*

  3. Happy 16th Anniversary. I just realised that Spicy is now over half of my age! 16 old years and I’m speechless. I’ve committed myself for as long as this. I was young and motivated, all I wanted to do was make a forum to talk about my favourite celebs and mingle with those who had the same interest. I know its not the same as our first 10 years, the high times of spamming, laughter mixed in with happiness and war. I feel like I grew up with another human that contained many personalities. Spicy have been a learning curve for me online and in real life, I learned a lot from many members throughout. I don’t know how long Spicy will go on for, possibly as long as I’m single and still watching lakorns I guess? Or maybe for as long as I can still afford to pay the domain and license. I do hope I can continue to keep this going, even at this low traffic rate and just keep it organised and updated as much as possible. Thank you to everybody for still hanging around, reading my posts that I reply to myself day after day I hope at least that my comments, updates or summaries do make you entertained. Lastly without you guys at least logging in everyday I might have given up already but I know I still see many return and reading on so I’m happy. Stay safe and healthy everyone, Love so much from me! PS: Its OK if you don’t reply to this post I’m very used to it.
  4. I wish all celebs should just have a YT channel and vlog lol at least when they don't have lakorns on air I can watch their life instead haha.

  5. I can't find any lakorns that pull me in these days :369167new03mb0ow:

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    2. Sunny


      I have to re-watch old stuff for now. :lostit2: Lucky I'm still into Book Pillow but not sure how long that will last.

    3. tovsleeptov


      me too. cant find anything to watch either. man.... when I'm having so much free time at the moment. 

    4. Sunny


      yeah right and when we all go back to normal life all these great series starts airing :369302w5prxq4bp9:

  6. Thank you for thinking of me, I'm home safe. (no virus yet) *flo*

    And I went to Ch3 event and saw many Ch3 celebs, I have no idea who most of them are haha but nice to see some that I know too! Real life wise, tiny little people lol!

  7. Happy New Year 2020.
    May you all be healthy, humble and rich. Thank you for every support, those who have stayed for a long time and those who are new. Thank you for stepping into this new decade with me. Love you all.

  8. Merry Christmas my lovelies *gh*

  9. I'm back! Hopefully I can catch up on Spicy soon, please give me some time :)

  10. Ok I'm going to settle with this light skin because now our smiley don't look funny against the dark background. We're good to go for another year, until next year when I am forced to update again.
  11. I have come to realize that the forum skin will adjust its colour depending on night and day. Wow some tech stuff these days. I was doing the skin last night and everything was dark to me, now its day time it seems the skin and background have become more colourful.
  12. Ok, I've played around with the new theme and right now I'm just going to settle with this because getting tired and anything else I'll fix and do another time lol I also added new hooks and plugins and is able to bring back the HIDE content again which is great but I don't think anyone cares about it anymore The plugins that I installed in this version is you can preview topics before entering to see what the first topic comment say and also what the latest comment say. I have also added a separator between the pinned topics and unpinned topics to make it look less messy lol
  13. The forum is very black I'm sorry I'm going to try and play around with the theme. Its that time again when we update the forum version we have to update to a new version theme too.
  14. Is there problem with Spicy again?

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    2. passionalee


      It’s lighter now and yeah dark purple now lol 

    3. Sunny


      @passionalee it changes depending on your time, if its day its lighter, if its night its dark. *dunno*

    4. shampoo


      Thanks sunny.

  15. Why Ch3 likes to delete lakorns just because it's going to re-run and upload the re-run version? Err can't they just leave the Prime Time version alone?! :angry12:

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