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  1. Oh god how did you get 880+ posts, where are you spamming?

  2. fixed .. by just using an img and just by using href stright.
  3. DARV!!!!!!!!!!! YOOOO NAI?!?!?!

  4. haha snow, I'm not ;) But perhaps its time for an experiment? let me try without http: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0blr4NLbMw0 works for me...
  5. You know you can put more then 2 videos per post.. its in the admin section somewhere girls..
  6. Weird thing on the phone.. these kind of things are not easy to solve. I did some minor changes, let me know if you are still having issues. But its as much as I can do so I do hope it works better now! ;)
  7. Android app definitely! My next phone is going to be android too as long as RIM comes out with blackberry messenger app for android. Otherwise I'll be stuck using blackberry.
  8. Kinda off topic but invision has an app for invision forum I believe on itunes. Try installing that and see how it looks. I'm also planning to get into making apps (later this year).. my first project is to make custom app for IPB forums.. Lets see if I can actually make that happen! If it does then I can make customized forum apps for forums..
  9. I was running the convert thing.. The admins knew site was going to be slow/unusable so blame them as they approved ;)
  10. ok I see whats going on. Happening on my FF at my work too. I'll look at it tonight. I mean its already done loading the page but its hanging on on something.
  11. So the website doesn't get loaded all the way?.. If you guys don't mind.. Can I see a screenshot? That way I know what message is showing or something. Yea I have been taking a break lol
  12. Darvil


    Don't worry.. if comes to worst, we can always go underground. There are many ways to do this.. we'll never ever have to go back to video stores. Of course there will be a bit of a learning curve but should be easy enough because I think alot of people are more tech savvy then like 10 years ago.
  13. Darvil


    Yea let me know how it goes. Scorpio had issues which baffles me as its working for most people as far as I know.
  14. Darvil


    of course not sunny! But we all have to start from the bottom right??
  15. Darvil


    Sunny, The last time I attempted this, I had a google ad underneath the videos and you could enter your own google account and earn 50% what was made there. If the vid is popular then the better it is I'll have to reimplement that. snow_scorpio Can you try one more time for me? Do you have another browser like firefox? Just wondering ;)
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