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  1. Natty!! what's happening with you??

  2. Thank you ja ^_^

  3. Happy birthday na ja

  4. craving tomato and mozzerella caprese salad but cant have any.. this blows..

  5. pray that everyone who lives in the path of Isaac stay safe!!

  6. craving berries but i cant have berries.. so sad!!!!

    1. Sunny


      fighting Natty, revenge the berries cravings soon :D

  7. I so want to cry!! The guy ii've been following for 16 years, 4 olympics will no longer compete. Who will i look forward to every summer olympic now?

  8. The great thing about the olympic is seeing friends and foes in both religion, politics, and beliefs putting aside all that to compete for the pride of their country. GO USA!!

  9. natty


  10. shopping day 2 with mommy dearest. Oy mae ja, thaang gai mod laew na...-_-

    1. tipstar


      Hope you're enjoying retail therapy. :D Good luck for Monday, ja.

  11. Yeah so no round 2 until Monday. Not that I'm sad about it but its pushes me back. But at least I went and did some MAD retail therapy with mommy dearest.

    1. Sunny


      Take care Natty lovies!

  12. waiting to be told that i cant start my round 2 cus of the drama on my profile. thanks....

  13. I'm sorry if some of us mistake you for the wrong person. Just don't take it as you.

  14. is only famous cause of her BF. I wonder if she didn't have her bf if she still going to have as much lakorn like she have now. All the words u say to yaya fits Kim more then yaya lol SO STOP ACTING IMMATURE

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