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  1. I just realized Pleng Kavita (Min's half sister in Look Mai Glai Ton) is the daughter of Senior Actress Oy Karnjana (Pra'eks mom in Ngao Asoke 2008) Lol.

    1. Sunny


      Oh really? she sure is look mai mai glai ton in that case hehe

  2. The atmosphere in Dallas is really scary today :(. I don't think anyone here were able to sleep soundly.

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    2. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai


      Yes Sunny, today DPD was on locked down as people threatened to show up at DPD HQ and kill cops. The threats had to be taken seriously as per the situation of the other day that cost 5 lovely officers their lives.

    3. Sunny


      Its scary, hope you girls living there is safe and on the look out all the times.

    4. Sreymao


      In Minnesota, Saturday night there was protester blocking road for black Lives Matter. After awhile it turn to violence. Those protester started to hit police at the scene. Happen close to home it's scary

  3. -.- Lol someone just told my parents they need to get with the times because they don't let my 14 year old sister watch Game of Thrones or American Horror Story. My mom: don't you have your own kids to watch? Why you care about raising mines lol.

    1. Noydarny80


      14 too young to watch Game of thrones. The show is more for adult.

    2. Mai


      Kudos to your mom with her response

  4. This finished airing http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20373-ch7-pukboong-kub-koongnang-mak-gwa-fun/ This replaced it http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/19871-ch7-faet-long-hon-kantana/
  5. There are people in the metroplex going around ringing doorbells at night, dressed with creepy masks and jiggling doorbell to scare people. -.- Accident waiting to happen. This is Texas. Everyone has guns.

    1. Mai


      Yeah and if something does happens, people will say its self defense, which you cant blame them

  6. Today someone asked how long have I been separated from my husband. I was confused and asked why they thought we were separated or divorced. "Cause you guys never post anything about your relationship on facebook." Apparently in 2016 your relationship should be constantly updated via Facebook. No thanks... lol. We value our privacy, our marriage is between us and not our fb friends lol.

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    2. Mai


      Thats a pretty rude question to ask really.

    3. Kimix


      haha....some people smh I too prefer privacy and less attention.

    4. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai


      Another funny thing is I said, my status still says married to... and she was like, "Oh, I just thought you don't go on enough to update your status." I was like.. if I don't go on there enough to do that, then how do I go on there enough to post every details of my life lol. Mostly I just use facebook to share photos of my kiddo for relatives that live far away.

  7. So channel 7 actually finds a way to contact your ISP if you upload/share their content? Eek. A friend of mines got a notice from her ISP and browser was disabled til she agreed not to share content again. It was channel 7 because on the warning it listed stuff that was alleged part of the report. It was channel 7 stuff.

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    2. NinjaKKN


      The Copyright Alert System (CAS) only targets P2P sharing sites aka torrents where copyright holders can track your IP address and info if you're sharing their stuffs. IPS that participate in CAS and will send you alerts are AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable. I've never received any warning because my IPS doesn't participate in this.

    3. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai


      Ninja I thought that too, but she saidon her browser it listed files that were the "alleged" infringements. She doesn't know how to use P2P programs like torrents that was one reason I thought it was weird as well.

    4. NinjaKKN


      Something doesn't sound right. If she doesn't use those programs and it's not possible for Ch7 to know about her. It seems like someone has been tracking your friend's online activity.

  8. Does anyone watch Asia's next top model? I'm so amazed that overnight Cindy Sirinya Bishop became the most hated person by one country eek!

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    2. Sunny


      I hate it when a particular celeb does something wrong and people insult or wished horrible things to that person's child, the person wishing is more horrible than anything really!

    3. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai


      I agree Sunny. What bothers me even more is that they don't even realize they are insulting Cindy for doing something that has been scripted lol! I understand they are angry, but wishing death on someone is horrible.

    4. Mai


      Thanks for the link Tina. I guess there are consequences to everything they say because they are public figures. I think the fights are scripted, but something like that is not scripted.

  9. Finally remembered the e-mail I used for spicy and reset my password! Hi Ladies! How ya'll doing?

  10. The last few days I've been typing spicyforum.com instead of .net .. the sites it redirects me to >.<

    1. aikoden


      LOL :P , welcome back Tina :)

    2. Sunny


      oww how can you not remember us? hehe

  11. LOL How can I not know you girls spammed my profile wthhh?

  12. Wow the new theme looks pretty neat ^.^
  13. Every time The Old man messes with something there is a 2/5 percentage that he will cough mess something up LOL
  14. Hahah yeah, but they are suggestions for those who don't want to sign up for 3 months subscription
  15. dootv is pretty good but they offer 3 months subscriptions as the smallest package for about 25 USD ... other sites that have been good for the last few years obizgo.com which offer a 15 day package at 6 bucks, 30 days for about 10 dollars... and then there is bbtvthai.com which also offer monthly services
  16. Dootv is 3 months subscription but I think its cheaper then thaitv isn't it? Wasn't thaitv like 35 dollars or something for 3 months? Edit: to those who bought subscriptions for over 10 dollars call your bank! or credit card company you will get your money refunded by opening a dispute.
  17. If you guys paid with a credit card or bank account open up a dispute with your credit card holder or your bank. A cousin of mines recently got refunded the money that she paid to thaitv.tv
  18. Feel bad for the people who got 3 month subscriptions from them =[
  19. Did they just disappear off the face of the world wide web?
  20. I don't like the flashplayer not because of the recording thing much .. because I rarely do and if i do its something I want to play later when I don't want to connect to the internet or I forget my clear adapter... I HATE the FLASHPLAYER because now it seems to freaking BUFFER more then it originally did. Yesterday while trying to watch something I got so freaking frustrated because it buffered like crazy and this is on a 15 mb Internet Service wtcheese... .... dammit and IPTV has no Ch.7 ... Obizgo and BBTV has horrible barely bearable quality >.< what to do what to do....
  21. I'm trying out a few programs right now and if i get any of it to work ill post it ;p hopefully they work or at least one work lol
  22. Lately I haven't really been updated with stuff lol I'm starting to come back online slowly ... Ive been addicted to gaming so I fell out of touch LOL so now I have to refresh myself! I hope I figure it out ... I'll definitely let you know.. although noiki said in a previous post that we need flash dler
  23. I know... I've been trying for hours to figure it out but nothing seems to be working even the flash downloaders I have won't pick it up TT.TT so sad.
  24. Yep it still says pending I have it screen capped lol for in case. I don't think I'll ever order from them anymore -.-" Lol. I hope that it's not happening to other people
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