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Is spicy slow today?


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Dude. I tried to login but somehow there was a problem establishing my connection. I was like wth?! But Imma glad that spicy is up and running. Dunno if anyone was having the same problem or maybe it was just me...

yeah I tried logging in all morning but it didn't work either, not sure what hapen, I think our IT admin says it goes down for a couple hours once a month something like that anyways.

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That's good news then! Phew! And here I was thinking that there was another misunderstanding/cyber-harassment. Lol. Guess I just happened to login at the wrong time, but I'm in the right place yes. Oh! I think I know why there was a login outage! It because of that "earth hour" thing?!

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I'm a Firefox fan just because it makes everything faster lol but must use IE if I want to watch iptv

same im a firefox fan and I use to use IE for iptv too but there is something you could download to make it work on firefox ^__-" LOL

spicy was a little slow for me earlier but it works fine now

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