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  1. Thanks alot for sharing the link...They have sooo many links to the channels too..I really missed Arirang - Korea, South channel..Thanks again for sharing with us this great site....
  2. Genie

    Asian Series

    nanthao thanks..I mostly watch Korean Dramas and Taiwanese Dramas..I will try to check at SW too..thanks for ur time
  3. Genie

    Asian Series

    I did try before but seem like they upload not complete or not the new one..Anyway, thanks alot for responding my request.. P.S. Do u come across some good one..if u don't mind then please get me the links..thanks
  4. Does anyone know some websites that have Asian dramas with Thai Dub and they let u watch for free..I just want to watch them online before buying them..If whoever know then please share with me...
  5. Genie

    Posts Point

    Sunny, u are sooo right..that's a good point too..
  6. Genie

    Posts Point

    thanks a lot, noiki funny me for asking such a weird question..
  7. Genie

    Posts Point

    thanks a lot, noiki funny me for asking such a weird question..
  8. Genie

    Posts Point

    I just wonder does anyone has issue with the posts point..Silly me..It has been the same number for almost a month now..
  9. wow..thank you alot for the forum of them...I love them as a couple too..Hope to see more projects for of them in the future..
  10. Mai, your comment is very funny..Which I think you are right cause I will only upload music..Thank you for make me less worry about the 1gb..
  11. So, for what you mean if I only upload music then I don't have pay, right..Cause I don't have movie or lakorns..Just Thai music. Thank you for correct me.
  12. oh now I get it. So we have to pay too..I know that's weird to ask, so beside mega..Then, are these sites sendspace, yousendit and mediafire we have to pay too, right..I guess I only have songs to share then I don't something that are too much to pay for.
  13. Do you mean the site can hold up to 400 songs or less than that..I don't get the connexion and the speed..I know that it will takes alot of timed when uploading the songs..Mind to tell me a little bit more. Thank you
  14. Thank you for the suggestion..also, how long do we keep the songs in the sites
  15. Thank you soooo much guys for the helped and websites ..Very appreciated the responding and timed too..I guess it's going to take while for me to start all the stuffs and share in here..But I might need some of your guys help again later on..Thank you again
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