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  1. Thanks for the clarification! Is it ok to move this thread then? Thanks again.
  2. Yo! I notice that there's heaps of members out there with REALLY awesome gifs for avators. Gah! I'm kinda envious cos you people can create just pretty gifs. So listen up talented people/indivduals, anyone know what the short-cuts are to make a gif without having to download tons of software programs? Here's a tutorial: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/tutorials/web_g...cle.php/3479881 But does it work? I haven't tried yet. Anyone recommendations? The only software I have is Super and jublee. Thanks!
  3. Lol! Now that's real drama! See at least they try to solve man kind's mysteries, or is it misery? Whatever, the plot is that these days, some dramas have to keep it unique but not too overly done. Haha, like a Cinderella story, from rags to riches. Huh...makes girls expect their bf's to portray that. But we're only human Lol! Dude, these days, its one man/woman for themselves realistically. It be the guy chasing the girl or vice/versa but I see more often than not that girls are chasing the guys. So there is a flip side to the Cinderella story too? Maybe we may call it Cinderyella stor
  4. That's good news then! Phew! And here I was thinking that there was another misunderstanding/cyber-harassment. Lol. Guess I just happened to login at the wrong time, but I'm in the right place yes. Oh! I think I know why there was a login outage! It because of that "earth hour" thing?!
  5. Dude. I tried to login but somehow there was a problem establishing my connection. I was like wth?! But Imma glad that spicy is up and running. Dunno if anyone was having the same problem or maybe it was just me...
  6. One of my relatives have the super version. I use that version. It's pretty good and does virtually what I want it to do for me. So I recommend that one. But I got it for free when I bought some program software for my course. So I'm not sure whether the new version requires its users to regisiter. Nor do I also know why the second version is better but Super to me is good enough. Does what I want so yeh hope that helps you decide.
  7. I use anyvideoconvertor. Its the bomb. It just converts downloads youtube videos straight to the encoding that you want or converts the flv file into the format that you want. No need to watch youtube. It just requires the youtube url and wah-la. It is on your computer file. Its a pity that this program doesn't come with the music converter too. It just converts the video but not the audio ARGHH! Oh by the way this version that I have is free too. No register online or 2-minute samples. Just a no-thanks button and you're done.
  8. THanks for the website.... Even though I don't know how to read Thai XD Lol..maybe one day I'll learn Thai
  9. True that... Sometimes IF they want to steal or so-called borrow...why can't they just ask and or credit it to the uploader? sheesh..people these days.... Maybe should do something about hitching a virus j/k..
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