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  1. Yeah we been having problems with the boards lately. Once you post even though it doesn't look like it worked, it did. Just refresh and go in the topic again and you will see your post.
  2. Thanks Sunyah and thank you Tip. It's not a bother at all, it keeps the forum organized, so it's always very much appreciated. Thanks girls
  3. Oh goodness, I didnt see it yesterday, just saw it now, dont know why. Thanks pinkdisney, I fixed it
  4. Lol Tip, hope you been doing well too, thanks for the update
  5. Lol I didn't see one? Or are you talking about the little animated witch?
  6. Thanks for the updates girls, much appreciate it
  7. We are not opened for new registrations right now, still having problems with spam. I'm not sure what you are trying to say? Private messages should be working here, unless you mean at AF?
  8. you might go to the same school as her lol
  9. oh my, not to make you feel worse, but that happen to my computer a couple years ago, it never came back on, took it in for repair and ended up getting a new one.
  10. really? I wasn't in, it seems to be doing that alot lately, I thought one of our admins said it was only going to be once a month
  11. yeah but not many people have discovered it yet
  12. Sunny you don't post news or pictures here at spicy lol sorry to hear Thip, you delete the board or just the members?
  13. aww sorry to hear Thip, you probally work so hard on it to.
  14. yeah I tried logging in all morning but it didn't work either, not sure what hapen, I think our IT admin says it goes down for a couple hours once a month something like that anyways.
  15. you're so funny sunny, I already posted the link to all of spicy's youtube pages
  16. Hi Zoe, and welcome to spicy!!! Aren't you glad you found thai entertainment? lol. Lakorn means drama series/tv series in thai, so you got the right idea. I am not sure what your questions are? You mean you want to dl but you can't? Most of the thai lakorns that are subbed are on youtube. Spicy has its own fansub on youtube, but there's not that much on it since we kind of gave up, but I think we're slowing bringing it back, we might be subbing Kularb Son Naam with Oil, Dan and Ae when it airs. I think if you browse around this forum, you'll also find people from China like yourself. Here
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