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  1. never mind then...i'll keep myself active as a member and try my best. thks.

  2. erm...yes...i want to be deleted as the member...and i hope the posts that i've psted would also be deleted especially the incomplete fanfictions. its no use that im not continuing to write it right? anywya i enjoyed my stay here. hope it is reconsidered.tq.

  3. hey sunny...i've decided to quit spicyforum since im not actually contributing anything. how do i do that?

  4. i come here for lakorns!!! was wondering if the forum could sub more lakorns in eng...
  5. hey guys...whoever have been reading the previous fan fic that i've written in this forum at fanfic site entitled L.O.V.E. you can now enjoy the new version of the fanfic that I didn't finish up in this blog that I've created. I actually lost the file of the old version of the fanfic, so I had to redo the fanfic again and decided that it would be better if it was on a blog instead so that I won't lose it again. The story is similar to the old version just that there's some editing going on. do drop by and enjoy it. please leave comments as well. i'll update the new parts of the story monthly. Thanks! L.O.V.E *hts*
  6. its cool for Aum to have a fanclub for her in CHina...great job!
  7. Yup it seems so slow to me too. Agreeing wif it.

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