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  1. Happy new year everyone: be in peace and good health. May Budha or god be with you and show the right path. Satouk or amen.

    1. tovsleeptov
    2. Noydarny80


      Happy New Year to you!!!

  2. France is mourning: RIP 12 reporters killed by terrorists yestersday in "Charlie hebdo"

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    2. NinjaKKN


      The shooters had a shootout with the cops and they both died today.

    3. Noydarny80


      It was a sad event. I think Charlie Hedbo need to stop making fun of the Muslim culture through cartoons. I understand the freedom of speech but they seem to target only Muslim people.

    4. Noydarny80


      It was a sad event. I think Charlie Hedbo need to stop making fun of the Muslim culture through cartoons. I understand the freedom of speech but they seem to target only Muslim people.

  3. Reading "My sweet orange tree" and crying like a baby: one of my favourite child's books

  4. Rereading "My swee orange tree" and still crying like a baby

  5. so late: just watched "khun chai pawonruj" and love the song "ruk tae"

  6. why register if people don't want to participate? a forum is alive if people comment and talk, isn't it?
  7. back on my first love: jao sao ban rai's fever

    1. Kwan20
    2. Sreymao


      That's my favorite lakorn of Numfon.

  8. christmas meal makes me crazy, need to buy all the stuff and cook them for about 20 peoples

  9. i can't acceed my message box, it turns and that's all.
  10. rain and fog: seems ghosts are outing

  11. pervert sister uses my reader more than me: she wants another epub, i add "Taken by the team" and "Taken by the Marines" for her...

    1. Maiko


      Hah! That's cute and funny! xD Sounds like she has "good" taste! :D

  12. my new reader is here! Bf bought me a french reader. first book to read: "mr monster" by dan wells and for my sister, this pervert, "beautiful stranger"

    1. shampoo


      Hahahaha @the pervert part

  13. can you please delete this thread? i have 2 tabs open and i made a mistake. many thanks and sorry. http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/18594-uthens-song-twilights-promise-or-daybreak-promise/.
  14. bad news: my half sister is getting married next year. don't know if i can engaged. our family very strict about this

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    2. shampoo


      In some culture, they consider siblings marrying within the same year will be bad omen. Well, why don't you do yours first? You prepared yours first, right.

    3. teptida


      no, she was engaged before (2 years) but when our moms were talking about it, suddenly they say they marry this year. her mother was my dad's mistress

    4. shampoo


      Wth they engaged for two years and suddenly want to married cuz you're getting engaged. I think that's a douche move. I think you can get engage while she gets married though.

  15. yes! i have a food processor for christmas! like the kitchenaid but kenwood brand: so excited to try it

    1. Sunny


      What does it do?

    2. teptida


      it's like the kitchenaid: pastry, juice, pasta. i want to make macarons with that

  16. rewatching "so saneha" and drooling over oil in tutu. who says i'm crazy?

    1. Sreymao


      Cute though lol. .

    2. Mai


      My mom thought it was cute too. I cringed watching it cus Oil was so scrawny with no muscles lol

    3. shampoo


      I cringed when I watch it ahahah

  17. why old lakorns are so good? Waew sieng sung, pleng pah fah lom dao...

  18. rewatching "Sompong nong Somchai". Don't remember it was so funny.

    1. AT2005


      Janie looked like a real boy in that series/lakorn. :)

    2. tipstar


      It was very funny!

  19. does spicy have a problem? i lost it like 3 times this night

    1. Mai


      spicy has problems constantly. It happens to me too.

    2. teptida


      ooh, that's the first time for me

  20. catch a caught again: it rains in france

  21. fiancé: "surprise for you: hawai for our honeymoon" me: "thailande seems a better choice" him: "yes if you want to flood" yeah i confess, i forget we'll marry in octobre

    1. Sunny


      Not if u go to the right place lol

    2. aiyaja


      Aw. Congrats ja. I go to Hawaii in November every other year, best time, it's not peak, so it's cheaper and less people, which makes it sooo soothing to the soul. I love Hawaii but never wanted to live there. LOL

  22. sick: my bed and paracétamol are my best friends

  23. Back and ready to camp here!!!

    1. Mai


      Lol welcome back sanjenna

  24. mommy: you should married soon, december is a good month. me: yes, december 2014 is a very good month, i agree!

    1. Mai


      So are you getting married December? If so congrats na!

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