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Suggestions for SPICY


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I know the forum have been slowing for a year or so now on news translation and etc. I just want some input on what should we as admins need to do to live things up?

What are the old members thinking about SPICY now? What about the new members? Lol

I don't know. I need some suggestions regarding translation news, summary of lakorns, or whatever.

What do you guys come here for? I just want to hear opinions.

Thanks so much for some of the members contributing to the forum. :(

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I come here to spam and gossip with you girls...I've lost a lot of interest in Thai Entertainment basically but that could be with age. I am older and a lot of things don't appeal much to me...eheehe..no more fantasizing about praEaks, etc...reality has struck in.

I think a lot of people are just caught up in their own lives...job, school, family, boyfriend, etc that's why they're not here as much. Plus lakorns nowadays just plainly suck so we can't blame people for abandoning them ehehe...Same storylines, same faces, too many teeny poppers, not much quality in them etc...

Anywho, but I'm always around to help out with stuff tho. Suggestions??? Hmmm what about subbing talk shows? movies? Concerts? I think that will bring more interest here.

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i'm here to gossip: it's always on spicy that we have real news (about kwan's lakorns for me :omg5: ) , and more important because there's not too many "i love aum a" "i love jlr" "i love ken" here.

subbing can bring lot of people. look at wishbone's fan on youtube.

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Hi, Ladies, ja!!!

I have been active due to some recent good lakorns, frankly. I come here to chit chat and reach out to those I have in common with. I love spamming and talking to you all. Like TD, I would love talk shows and subbing would be good. I have learned more and more Thai each day from just watching it. Whatever I don't get I watched the subbed version and I learn new words.

I come here often, but just started being active again. I'm still here, for sure.

Oh and the editing does need to get fixed. I don't like breaking the rule of double posting. LOL...

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Hi I'm kind of new here. Basically for updates on upcoming lakorns, events in Thai showbiz, etc. And if I have sth that I think others might be interested in, I'll share here too.

Agree that it will be better that if we can edit the post after several minutes, cuz sometimes it's just so happened that 2 ppl posting sth related at exactly the same time, :blink:

I'm not sure for subbing, but we might start with give a brief in English about whatever info we can get. e.g. a news article, an interview clip, besides just post them here, add one to two lines about the main idea will help those fans who don't understand Thai (like me) A LOT. :Spicy_05:

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keke Thanks for the suggestions ladies.

I'll talk to Mai about the editing limit. lol Oh and subbing of course would bring in more traffic. I'll install the program again. if we can't hardsubbed it, Noiki can do it for us, hopefully. I'm offering her *plse* without her consent.

I'll do as snow_scorpio suggest too ja. Put up a clip news and summarize what is being said. lol

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Awww Shamp, a great idea to interact and see what others think ^_^

I agree with the Magazines section, we got some lovely people who help keeping it updated and in order looking very organized :D

The lakorn section is looking pretty fancy as well, every thread looks organized, so good *gg*

I miss doing summaries and caps for lakorns I like/watch, sadly I don't watch much of it anymore so I'm lacking in there, and I don't upload anymore lakorns in the dl section lolz. As for translating, I don't visit any Thai Entertainment sites at all, I don't care for it haha. I wonder what I can do, what do I do best .. besides spamming to help out? Oh maybe I can go around and re-upload some older lakorn songs onto new host, the ones that expire hehe, that could be something.

As for the edit thing, I don't think that can be done lolz, we don't mind double-triple post if its necessary

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Hello, I mostly check Spicy because of the news about thai celebs. SInce it's in english, I can understand it.

I'd be really grateful if I could edit my posts because often I get to an error page and if I really want to post, I end up double posting which disturbs me since I know it's not correct!

If there could be more news it'd make my day!

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ugh...subbing?? i don't think so na ja!!! i think that was one of the things that turn me off for a while bc i hated subbing, esp the timing and crud. translating is fine but i refuse to time. it's tooooooo tedious!!!

:P*rlrl* not time ja. just encoding. lol

ALSO, I don't know what kind of news interest you guys??? lol I only translate popular stars and mostly Ch7. AHAHA but I'll try to translate Ch3 too.

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yeah that's what i do when i upload tv shows, i usually upload ones about stars ppl talk about in the forum. i don't bother uploading every tv show bc then no one dls and it's a waste of time uploading and streaming too.

Or we can do like this. Since many ppl are willing to share, and some clips/articles are posted here everyday, if the one who posts them didn't give any translation or brief, whoever came across later can help to do so. We can make this a "Spicy culture" that everyone is trying to contribute sth. How do you girls think about it?

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