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  1. http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/16620-sitcom-phen-tor-kon-thep/#entry630281 This sitcom can be added into the airing schedule.
  2. okie... sorry one more question, which mint? mint C or mint N? I know, I'm very out of date...
  3. I'm sorry but why I can't find "Neua Mek 2" thread in the lakorn section any more? It has finished filming and gonna be aired soon...
  4. http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/14186-movie-man-on-a-ledge/page__view__findpost__p__604520 at first I tought this guy posted in a wrong thread, should be in some K-drama related thread, for example, but then I noticed the links he used in the post, looks like ads.
  5. looks like Google is forcing us to use ChLome... A friend in Thailand also met the same problem as mine -- if the video is too long, esp with some songs inside, most likely it will automatically lose the sound (Youtube is so considerate that they banned the copyright soundtrack for you? lmao).
  6. IE is really stupid, my flash is 11.2.-sth version, and the latest is 11.4.-sth already, yet it never prompted me to update!
  7. it turns out FireFox can upload, after I upgraded my flash to the latest version. but for IE, even I've upgraded flash, some other website works, still not Youtube. And also turns out that the episode I got from my friend got some problem that website like Youtube cannot recognize the audio part of it... struggling to find a way to transform it to other format and try again now...
  8. still not working for me... I tried to upload a very small file, with defintely no "copyright issue", but just 1-2 min after uploading started, it turns "rejected" again. And the "basic uploader" webpage is continuously refreshing itself...
  9. Anyone got problem uploading to Youtube these few days? I tried upload one episode of an old lakorn, but it doesn't have any sound even after 4th try. So I used some tool to cut it into smaller pieces, and now the uploader directly "reject" my file. And the "Basic Uploader" doesn't work on my Windows Vista at all. Does Google wanna force everyone to install and use their own web browser?
  10. Can anyone help to find the thread for "Nang Fah Satan"? It's a CH7 planned lakorn, previously rumored to be Pong/Pancake, but now Pong has announced quit due to schedule not available. I'm pretty much sure there's a thread about it, but cannot find in either new lakorns or the old stock section...
  11. The n'ek of this lakorn: http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/15765-ch7-fai-huan-masquerade/ has been confirmed to be "Bo Thunyasupan". Can add her name into the title.
  12. I can't find the thread, but the old stock "Koom Pah Gam" by Paul & Yui has been on air on a TV channel called "MediaChannel" in Thailand. that one CH7 kind of like putting into stock forever...
  13. http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/13620-ch3-mae-yai-khong-kra-pun-master-one/ This one will be aired from 12 Sep, evening slot.
  14. spam ad: http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/295-hollywood-movie-trivia/page__view__findpost__p__577929
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