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  1. Hey!!! I've been gone too long.

    1. Sunny


      Welcome back Dal! Hope you've been well. What lakorns shall we spam together?? :)

    2. Sreymao


      Welcome bongsrey.. Been awhile. How u been? ?

  2. Tik still got it. He looks good on the cover of "Don't"...

  3. Dal

    Hi, Mai jaaa....!!!!

  4. sad...ticked...mad...

  5. Game Rai Game Ruk

  6. "Game Rai Game Ruk" teaser is heart stopping...

  7. I was gonna join to support you, Thip. But no can do. LOL...
  8. Some people abuse their power, SS. LOL... I checked stuff out at AsianFuse yesterday-nice. I will like it there.
  9. I haven't watched her lakor with Wier, but will eventually. Mai is really pretty and read she is a good actress, so I registered at the forum, Thip! It looks nice. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Ghosts? Eerry... I am excited for asianfuseTV!!! I will have to explore and have some fun tonight. Thanks, Darvil for setting it up so we don't have to log on with new stuff. Using my Spicy username and password will be awesome.
  11. Sorry for the double post. I knew I spelled Nadech's last name wrong. It is actually Kugimiya, ja. Yaya's last name is Sperbund. This is according to Wishboniko.
  12. Tugging at our heart strings are two hot fresh faces of Channel 3, Nadech and Yaya! We want to share our love for them be starting this English forum for them and about them. Cecilia has started this forum for ALL fans of Barry Brent Nadech Kukimiya and Yaya Urassaya Spurbend. I hope I spelled their names right. Introducing...Yarry... Yarry Nadech and Yaya!
  13. I don't excpect subbed stuff cause I know that is time consuming. I come here to see what is new, who is here, gossips, etc,...make my own fun. You gals all do a great job. Thank you!
  14. I do love the fact the Spicy gets magazine shoots out really fast. I like that a lot. Thank you.
  15. Hi, Ladies, ja!!! I have been active due to some recent good lakorns, frankly. I come here to chit chat and reach out to those I have in common with. I love spamming and talking to you all. Like TD, I would love talk shows and subbing would be good. I have learned more and more Thai each day from just watching it. Whatever I don't get I watched the subbed version and I learn new words. I come here often, but just started being active again. I'm still here, for sure. Oh and the editing does need to get fixed. I don't like breaking the rule of double posting. LOL...
  16. Dal


    WTH! YouTube makes me mad on sooo many levels. I am sorry, Sunny and Noiki!!!
  17. Thanks. I don't think I was able to introduce myself. There was something wrong at the time. I'll have to check out the new link. His new cd is quite good. I listen to it to get pumped up at the gym all the time-like every other day.
  18. His new song is tight!!! Your site is really nice, May! I'll be there to check it out often. The pics from NY are dang cute. I love the outfits. His style is my kind of thing. I can't wait to get his new album. Chin is just way too cute. His smile is so lovely. This kid is just...beautiful.
  19. Chin is such a doll. His cd is good. I love the beats and the songs are sweet. His voice is different. I like different voices. I am going to check this out now.

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