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  1. Come back...We miss you

  2. wow p'Noiki got 21 thanks already!

  3. it works on my IE too but maybe a few seconds slower to load than firefox. in the IE, that update box to the right is really not updated at all, compared to when you look @ in firefox
  4. i dunno. that's why i settled for orange for yui bc i didn't want the other colors. sunny said something about the colors too
  5. lolz shamps, it's basically dark blue, really light pink, something that's sorta red. it's no wonder these colors were left over, no one really wanted them. magenta is what sunny uses for namfon.
  6. sorry yui is orange heh heh
  7. yeah since it's a kob/num subforum, then num's news and other stuff will be blue then
  8. noiki


    i only upload like 2 or 3 clips at a time, plus the files aren't even that big. sometimes it happens when i just upload one small clip too.
  9. noiki


    it's been funky for me too. i have that queue of things to upload, but sometimes only the first clip goes thru and i have to start a fresh page and upload the other clips. and sometimes the confirmation of complete doesn't show even tho it's complete
  10. noiki


    google's april fools joke was funny, it was google motion and you could do actions on your gmail and stuff with a motions like those wii games
  11. noiki


    anyone see the april fool's joke on yt? it's supposed back in the day yt heh heh
  12. noiki


    i had to re-up a few things that keep failing or just wouldn't upload.
  13. noiki


    i just started having the problem where it uploads but it doesn't show confirmation of complete upload until i open in a new tab and notice that the upload was complete. so weird
  14. the ads don't show up on my firefox but they do show up in internet explorer.
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