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omg are u serious??? you guys are stealing my dj's again .. first asianload stole some of my dj's now spicy boooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol kidding it'll be nice to see spicy have their own station ^___^ especially with Dj Chubs! she should change her name to Dj Mommy LOL

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>>.<< now I'm beginning to think being married is not cool... I'm missing out on all the gossip the news.. unless I start them myself... dooode lol ....

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.......... hey I go to sleep late cause i have hwork to do =/ this is my only week off so I stayed up watching lakorns! LOL at least i woke up before noon ... =/

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hahaha dj mommy.. let's keep it dj chubs lol..

i've been dying to have a talkshow radio here at spicy.. uncensored.. well no profanity but anything goes! well um rated pg 13.. lol just wont be holding back opinions.. everything from lakorn opinions to stars gossips!

Sounds good Dj Mommy ^___^ LOL I'll be the first dj to apply *<ha* i love gossip hahaa but sworld radio is limited on that LOL

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