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  1. the old pleng.com site was shut down and the new pleng.com site is the new version of "youdumv" ... no one knows why the old one was shut down since it was doing so well
  2. if you love music and love listening to different kinds of styles of music then this is the site for you ... all the people on this site are unsigned artists i think and all of em are uploading all of their own work and videos ... i highly recommend this site... it has some really good bands and singers on here ... it has everything from underground rock, pop, hip hop look thoong ... check it out ... http://www.pleng.com/main/home/index.php
  3. i was thinking the same thing..
  4. thanks for the link...i'll check it out to see what it has
  5. they are planning to change again...they sent emails out saying that they are going to change the site holder again and you'll get the new site addy in teh mail thats if you read em though
  6. <3_Jieb if you exressed it then you can track your package by teh code they gave you so you can see where its at right now
  7. thats your best bet to buy 7 or more stuff...usually when i order i rdered about a kilo worth of stuff or more then 7 just so that they can express it and i can track where the package is
  8. your welcome....for me this is the only site that works and i just wanted to spread the news
  9. yeah i heard about this site form the four.com page and i went to it and it works...i'm watching ch.3's morning news right now....its basically watch any thai or korean channel on line for free adn it applies to music and other stuff too.... hers the link if you guys want to try this place out http://www.maxnettv.tv/index.php?type=tv i like this place better beucase i was connected to it faster adn i dont have to wait a long time like other sites.... credits to maxnettv.com
  10. for teh stars gallery adn chit chat place you cant gain posts there anymore at least i dont think you can anymore....but you can get posts from posting at other places just not at those two places
  11. wow thanks for the advice guys..it was really helpful
  12. this might be a stupid question but is send space free like when you open and use the account and you wont have to pay for it or do you??? i would like to help out the rest of the admins when it somes to the songs cuz i have tons of cds but i dont have an account anywhere to upload songs
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