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they changed their upload page again and now it's being stupid. it says the vid is uploaded but shows the error thing and you can't get it to continuous upload the next vid in line unless you cancel it and manually do it again.

i hope they fix it, it's quite annoying

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it'll probably take them a while, it always takes them quite a while. in the meantime if you wanna upload multiple and not have it error just click on the one that says no progress bar bc that one will auto upload the next in line. lolz you just can't see how long each one is gonna take

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Oh I think I remember now that why I also bulk upload lolz it annoying but than I got used to it I don't care how long it takes, as long as it works lol

My experience is that it always got problem with files larger than 100MB, although they claim to take as big as 2G files. Now I normally compressed the clips to be 10' in length and less than 60MB in size .wmv format, and it would take less than 30 min to upload in normal cases. For the high-res versions I could only keep it to my self lol.

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