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[Discussion] Mai Davika Drama With Asava


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Gossip Facebook site under the star's bed, tai tieng dara, expose Asava's drama with Mai Davika. The designers from the brand took to social media to post strawberry pics and snarky captions aiming at Mai. Many suspect the designers are upset that she initially didn't credit them in one of their custom design looks for her Cannes showing. Even yayaying and nagara designer were seen gossiping about this. And someone tweeted that insiders are all gossiping about Cannes...

This thread at pantip has all the pics and comments and it has over 300 comments already. The Asava designers have also made their ig accounts private.



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That's what people are assuming so far but I think there's more. There's a comment by yaya ying to the nagara designer where she said she'll tell someone about it to tell him. And then there's that tweet that said something about how insiders are gossiping about the stench in Cannes ahhahaha when does Mai get back into Thailand?

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It has some insider reveal about this issue that Mai and her manager will join big event like a Cannes film,

and editor of magazine have to rush designer of Asava brand for making a dress for Mai in 3 days.

They are too much. Asava employee have to took a dress to Mai fitting, and they have to repair the dress for many times

due to Mai don't be pleasure with the dress that make work system error because every designer in Asava have to make the dress for her only,

then she ask Asava to be sponsor for this event but when she post IG about thankful everyone who involve with this event,

she just thank to Vogue and Magnum but not Asava who is dress maker and sponsor for her. Then, it has topic like this.

What does "strawberry" mean?

Lyer bitch

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Other source from KCL, they interview Moo Polpat who owned Asava Brand. He said that she came to sit the dress at 9pm,

but she don't happy with it, and need Asava's designer edit it to be like Chompoo's dress, but they can't do that due it doesn't be style of the brand

that make someone guess that she she don't credit Asava because sjhe don't be pleasure with them.

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lol she should be glad her dresses didn't look like Chompoo dresses. Yup, I am sure there are more to story and they are not going to get air in public. I am sure she will bound back and be graceful as she can be lol she is probably the only nangek I know who have constantly have scandal news in Thailand beside Janie.

Even the part she was going to Cannes she didn't clarified if she get to walk on red carpet or not. Her manager finally came out and clarified after the Magnum event.

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