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  1. RS music is on SPOTIFY new era... 

  2. YOUNGBAE!!! 

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    2. m3lhouse
    3. LyLy


      their still Gdragon

    4. m3lhouse


      GD is actually my bias but I always have a soft spot for youngbae!  ahahhaha

  3. Whoa, Miss Thailand... 

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    2. m3lhouse


      I feel like all of the questions are usually like wtf hahahah I finally saw her response.  I think her initial problem was stuttering because it was obvious she was searching for an answer ahhahaa I think her answer wouldn't be as bad if she seemed more confident and talked more because it would end up being a decent generic answer.... If I couldn't think of a specific social movement, I would've broadened up the question where she could've said, for ANY social movement to work, we have to invest in our youth so that they're well prepared to take on issues that's relevant to them ... etc I think that's what she was going for?  ahhaha but she wasn't able to verbalize it at all... like we're in an aging society?  bitch yeah we are people age everyday, what do you mean?  ahahhaha  She didn't tie her answer into the question so yeah she didn't end up answering the question... she wasn't saavy enough to be miss universe hahahaha 

      Everybody mad tho that south africa won ahahha they mostly wanted jamaica or at least columbia coz she answered well.  

    3. Mai


      a beauty without brains lol


    4. shampoo


      Jamaica was good. I wouldn't mind. 

      Yes, she didn't tied her answer well. I mean I understand the nervousness but I don't think she was well train. Like most people who runs for these pageant were groomed for it, right? Seems like she is really unprepared for the world. 

  4. "Did everybody die?" on Blake Shelton as sexiest man LOLOLOLOLOL honestly tho, Hollywood doesn't have that superstar era anymore, not for a long time.  

    1. LyLy


      It should of been Adam Levine again or the guy that plays Thor.  Blake Shelton is not sexy at all.  I actually think hes a little chunky side.

  5. Anyone else experiencing issue logging in? The site is super lagging for me and I'll get errors when trying to log in for the past week or so. Last night I couldn't log in for most of the night until this morning....
  6. I need people to stop talking about/watching Stranger Things coz it's not even that good... and start showing some love for Mindhunter!

    1. LyLy


      I don't even know what the hype is about either.  

    2. m3lhouse


      Right?  I literally gave it 6 episodes in the first season and I was like wtf this is boring af ahhahaa And I'll tell my friend who's a fan of the show this and he's like no it's really good.  I gave it 6 whole episodes I don't know what to tell you, it's not for me ahhahaa

    3. Thip


      OMFG!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched to 6 episodes too and i'm like tf is this??????????

  7. Google's tribute to Selena is so cute!

  8. Guess today's the day to catch a plerng boon episode coz Khemm!

    1. Sreymao


      When is this ending?  I thought today.  I tune in just to see Keep character slapping Janie for stealing her husband and how's Karma punishing her ???

    2. m3lhouse


       I don't think Khemm even slapped janie yet but her bodyguards did.  She came for a little today but she's in next week's episode too.  She looks amazing!  She said usually she'll have the bodyguards go really hard on the girls who mess with her husband knowing that he's married.  But since janie didn't know, she'll give her a discount ahhahahaha omfg when those babe bodyguards were slapping janie in their sports bras I was fucking screaming!!!!  Khun Ja has outdone herself! hahahaha it's ending next week, two episdoes I'm sure.  

    3. Sreymao


      Thanks.  From the preview thought she did ??.  Seeing Khem and chai together miss them in BuaPrimNam.  khem looks good alright. 

  9. Plerng Prai re-running and I'm watching!  This lakorn was surprisingly good to me.  

    1. Thip


      was it with Tye & Chompoo?

    2. m3lhouse


      Yep that's the one! This was probably the last good Uma lakorn.  

  10. Re-running Krating coz I deserve it!  ahahaha 

  11. Are u fucking kidding me NY in Nakee 2?!?!! Do not want 

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    2. Mai


      I read it on daradaily's ig status, but it said channel announces nadech yaya in nakee 2, so I assume its a lakorn

    3. m3lhouse


      It's gonna be a movie.  The sequel's production was announced weeks ago that it was gonna be made as a movie. The channel is part of the movie production. Khun Pravit head owner of ch3 will also be at the presscon.

    4. Sunyah


      Didn't someone said there going to be a movie version and a lakorn version. Pancake was rumored to be in the movie version and Teaw and Ken in the lakorn version???

  12. It's about to go down on Mask Singer... next week!  Turtle and Oyster should be in the finals tbh.  

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    2. Thip


      Who do you guys think is salapao? Are these episode pre-recorded or actually live? People are saying it's Bie KPN but he's been in between China and thailand back and forth so idk how he manage to do it lol

    3. m3lhouse


      Salapao sounds like Bie.  Some fans said in a spoiler that oyster will lose.  I don't even know how they get spoilers ahahaha 

    4. tEaRdRoP


      Here are my guesses: Salapao-Bie KPN, Jaguar-Bee Peerapat, Oyster-Ohm Cocktail, Turtle-Pannada, Sumo-Lydia, Samurai-??? lols

      But oh wow, they gave out spoilers already?  I guess it makes sense because the show is pre-recorder except for the finale where it is live.  But Oyster is out?  I really liked him too.  I hope my Durian makes a guess appearance at the final round.  That would be awesome!

      Let's start a Thread for this.  I'm obsessed with this show and TOM ROOM39 right now! lols

  13. I never got a virus alert but couldn't log on sometime late last night and when the page would load I got that site up there. But this morning I had no problem
  14. Khun Ja's dad passed away :( ... 2016 is ruthless!

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    2. m3lhouse


      awwww.... sorry about your loss too sunnyaucheung :(

    3. sunnyaucheung


      Thanks...Can't wait for 2016 to be over.

    4. Sunny


      Sorry about your loss sunnyaucheung, I noticed a lot of fathers passed away this year :( Condolence to Khun Ja's family.

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