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[Pictures] Komchadluek Awards 13th


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Congrats to my baby for finally winning. Lol






Credit as tagged

The winners I saw were nadech and Yaya for most popular actor And actress. Weir and Bella both won so maybe there will be a pic ahhaha but Bella has been interview that they've been distant recently no?

It's always the same old with them. From Bella's most recent interview, she said they're still talking and she's not distance distance with him. I don't understand them. Lol

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White trophy - popular votes

Nadech - Popular Actor

Yaya - Popular Actress in People's Heart (Kwan Jai MahaChon) because she has won five years in a row.

Bella - Popular Actress (she came in second after Yaya)

Neung Nai Suang - Popular Lakorn

Blue trophy - Panel votes

Weir - Best Actor

The lady who played a grandma in Sood Kaen San Ruk won Best Actress

Sood Kaen San Ruk won Best Script and Best Lakorn

Ka Badin won Best Director

Congratulations to everyone!


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