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  1. Oh my god! I'm get lost almost can't find Lakorn section. Take me long to found

    1. Sunny


      Hope you get used to this new forum soon!

  2. anyone have a good kdrama to recommend ?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kidtueng


      Thanks all... What web are u guys watching? Some series I didn't found in the web That I watch lakorn

    3. tovsleeptov


      Everyone are talking about http://kissasian.com and there r other website like boxasian.com and dramalove.tv

    4. sunnyaucheung


      I'm not a big Kdrama fan but if Jo In-sung or Jun Ji-hyun is in it I would watch it. I recommend "The Legend of the Blue Sea" and "That Winter, the Wind Blows.

  3. That B-word strawberry told themes ask him,dude they are asking you don't throw the question man. Want he to be more clear 5555 let me laugh for a sec. Why don't you make urself more clear too,you said you are woman not good to say first (laugh my butt off) don't fake just be like when the relastionship still not in the spoke of media. As see the old post in ur own ig ur attitude on that day and now u act like u r another one

    1. ladc


      I saw them all over IG, I was wondering what was the highlight of these two. Thanks for the clarification. It's quite obvious, but yet these two will remain quiet on this case.

    2. Sunny


      I've accepted them lol because Weir seems over the moon for her.

  4. oh my! im cant wait to find out which part he play at paragit ruk series

    1. NinjaKKN


      I hope he's the tiger that refuse to smile. :)

    2. Kidtueng
  5. K.thong he sound like his like weir and yui together oh gosh... I so afraid one day he pair them up,just he pair them in the series I'm bear to watch cuz it short. No in Lakorn plz nooooo

  6. WTF you got to pay for the bag, who shit voting for this weird rule

  7. watching that best something talk about the king tear drop and miss prince kamin and jao luang rungsitmarn. kekeke i just listen to her but head think only rungsitmarn and kamin

  8. im not the baby mother but i feel i have no time like the mother

  9. sometime i was thinking what kind of your black magic you do for him? lol or... is bella does like prao? 5555+

  10. What a strawberry...

  11. gosh, the thairath web is now hard to copy the letter like a paragraph.

  12. I wish some Asian parent understand the word fanclub or fangirl meant

  13. Fan post happy weir and Kim met,lol didn't know fan waiting for them met too. Watching the interview, channel ask for adding more epi for the Lakorn when this is not not air. Great, this is meant the Lakorn is good if not wouldnt get to add more when they just check the edit

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    2. m3lhouse


      Ae's been giving Kim lots of work... Kinda awkward when mark left him.... Weir did seem like he had a crush on Kim when he named her as someone he'd like to hug or something.

    3. Pikachu


      aww. They look really good, I hope they get more work together

    4. Noydarny80


      Oh so Kim left Yayee Marin? I checked her IG Yayeemarin and it private now. I wonder if it have anything to do with Kim.

  14. Ch 7 this year promote for their 35 HD is very cool. P.S weir's ig update gosh I'm just melting like a ice cream melt 555

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