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  1. what is the problem in thailand about leopard it's trending in tweeter

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    2. dhaf


      it's a huge deal right now in thailand i think a leopard was killed but the hunters are someone powerful in thailand that get away with money that if what i understood is right this black leopard are rare and there is only 2000 in the world 

    3. Sunny


      Its a pity because he's rich so he can get away easily. Compared to an elderly couple who was cooking animals that they hunt in the forest (not rare ones) and was jailed on that day. Just because they're poor they can't bailed themselves and they did lesser harm to the forest and community vs the business man that hunted and killed rare animals.

    4. dhaf


      yes the irony of life , money is needed to live but at the same time if it is in the wrong hands it can do disaster 

  2. seems bella i going strong in her career that she actually can beat yaya if her koojin status with james ji stay strong like this she has all jj fans support

  3. sooo excited to see MK in the 46th ch3 love mission event they are super sweet and all the bts rehearsal make me feel the love https://www.instagram.com/p/BDTbKvSoGv5/?taken-by=rujie_seesantv3

    1. Kimix


      lol same here. so cute and cheesy. I know their fc stormed the rehearsal hall. lol

    2. dhaf


      yeah lol and i'm very thankful for those fc or else who will feed us with photos :))

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