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Lakorn songs Access?


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cause you're not an advanced member dear. Access to media files are available to advance members and up. There's only so many threads in announcements forum, it's not very hard to find this message

Why do we restrict it to advance members? cause access to the media threads is a privilege for active members. Members who respect when they take. Also restriction needs to be put in cause we were once threatened by some peeps that if we ever open our forum to all members that person was going to hotlink our file, and that is a no no lol.

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Lol If I were you girls I wouldn't even bother to post a response and just let the person remain clueless. Everyone on spicy knows that you're suppose to read the announcements and rules first before asking a question lol. Also if you joined just to download you joined for the wrong reasons.

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well our forum, its not really for dls anyways, I think most come for the news section, lakorns updates, photosection etc lol.

yes of course. it's a waste of time if someone register in a forum just to dl, for example, i came here because i'm oil and aum fan.

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