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I ordered a total of 28 stuff....5 being my momma's hahaha. I can't wait to get them this Friday...WOOOOOhOoooooooo. Hmmmmm Im thinking about posting the list I ordered and let ya'll pick one item ya'll want me to upload ehehe....feeling nice again since I haven't been uploading lately.

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I'll let you girls know lol right now i want nee kaen saen ruk so bad but im waiting to see the quality first of the first thing i ordered before i order more lol

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is it better than dootv?

no seesantv is like da other places. dootv has da best quality so far. but deres no live streaming on dis site huh? i tried to look for it and i can't find it

there is, on the side bars, but I think Noiki said that it's not off their domain like iptv

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