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  1. oh my goshhhh how many lakorn did ur sister order?
  2. thanks u. i need to go buy a calculator b4 i go to class lol
  3. okie! i'll start tonight after i take my exam
  4. lol yea dats da thing dat sucks bout cracks or keygens. if da program gets uninstalled and u try to install it again then it might not work. it messes up ur registry. i wanna know if dis version really has a glitch in it or not though lol but man i'm glad it works for me w/o any crack or keygen
  5. yah use dis program to rip streams from thaitv right? oh my gosh i can rip streams in full w/ da demo version! i just put auto on and it takes da file and i don't have to have da streaming window open either. da version i have is clean. i never tried a crack on it on dis desktop cause i didn't wanna contaminate my new desktop lol i never really used wm recorder on dis desktop b4 cause i thought dat it would act like how demo versions act just record 2 min or is it 10? but yea so i put it on auto last night and watched it ripped a whole lakorn and i'm doin it right now too lol whoever us
  6. lol yay thanks for visiting. u should download those five live eps. namcha's got work comin in so she probably be on it from time to time
  7. lol noiki i didn't even know spicy gets requests like dat. i don't really go past da thai entertainment section often lol
  8. yea da lakorn i have now are requests lol okie teardrop night night!
  9. what u got? lol i'm uploading dao krajaai and five live regularly ohhh and cover night plus concerts! deres one every month so imma upload those. they didn't have august up yet so i posted up july. besides dat i'll have random lakorn on lol i'm thinkin bout puttin up a poll on what 2 lakorn to upload for da next batch cause right now i still have to catchup on uploads. i'll do one prime time and one evening every batch or every month
  10. ohhhh ok man how convenient u live so close lol
  11. wow u wake up earlyyyyy. how far is ur office?
  12. lol dis is fun lol but i got one more problem left to do for hw and i can't figure out how to do it lol teardrop i joined dis uploading site and link site where u get money for each download and click. i don't know how much ill make but i think i'm doin perdy good for my first 2 days lol
  13. haha shampoo. i dunno how it's gon work out but i hope my blog does well. i been gettin decent hits da first 2 days aww dats cool. i wanna go on vacation lol
  14. lol people be doin dat. fly over dere just for a concert. i think dats crazy unless ur there for a while
  15. yeaa man i wish i can go see. they gon release a mv. can't wait for dat!
  16. LOL teardrop lol he appears as a spirit and deres lots of flashbacks
  17. lol my friend keep tellin me to tell one of my friends in thailand to bootleg it LOL hahaha did u see da peformance from da press conference? it was perdy bad. i mean like bad how erybody else just shut mos out completely lol my friend was like they tryin to kill him on stage by making him pra'ek
  18. yea it's a sad story i wanna seeeeee it even though mos is pra'ek. i'll stand his voice to see da others lol
  19. lol luckyyy oh have u seen da trailer to mos/nicole's musical yet? man i wish i can go see it
  20. whattt u know somebody else dat has a store? lol
  21. lol yea i only go into obizgo to get lakorn though and it was cheap so i was like y not. i get dao krajaai and five live from their channel sites. dao krajaai perdy clear and five live is normal quality lol
  22. it's clearer than b4. it's like 256-300kbps but if u wanna sign up w/ somebody sign up w/ dootv they're REALLY clear
  23. OH MY GARSH I REMEMBER DAT LAKORN hahahah i liked it a lot LOL oh i got a account w/ obizgo they had dis special discount so i took it lol
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