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[News] Do you think Kwan's sister like Golf??


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From this video I don't think Kwan's sister is a fan Golf. From the Sanook news at Kwan's opening event of her healthy food, Kaew's Kwan sister got into an argument with the famous event Planner Khun Tu about Golf. Before the event begin the PR said they will not be any interview of Golf in the event area but if they want, they have to interview him outside the event area. Khun Tu brought in Golf to the interview area in the event and Kaew saw it. She went to confront the event planner about the situation. That's why you see them lead Golf outside the event after. Golf was there as a friend.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://video.sanook.com/embed/player/897725" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen ></iframe>


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exactly, thats what I said in another thread, now that shes famous, more famous than Golf, theyre treating her so kindly so she can help push Golf who is a nobody right now. He cant even get lead roles in lakorns.

whoa I just watched the clip, I dont think you even need to ask if her sister likes him or not. Its really obvious in that clip. She was beyond irritated how they escorted him right to the reporters as if hes part of the event. She had to be pulled back more than a few times so she doesnt go attack him lol

I dont know what Kwan sees in him, he seriously looks like a grandma, so womanly

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Dang, that was intense.

Um, Kwan's sister is a bit odd though. I still remember thinking she was wack when she answered a live radio show pretending to be Kwan and then later apologized for the lie when the hosts and listeners kept hounding her that she didn't sound like Kwan. Haha. Like who does that?!!!

Yes, hate Golf or someone all you want but don't go all ghetto and berserk on them. It wasn't like Golf was trying to do something to Kwan at the event. Just be professional, civil, and silent about it. Family issues shouldn't be displayed out to the public like this. Gee. Kwan worked hard for this event and now, all they're gonna focus on is this beef. Lol

You would think that he overseas degrees would at least teach her basic courtesy.

Golf may be in the wrong for using Kwan or at least we assume but Kaew is in the wrong for doing something so abrupt like this.

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Haha, yeah, but Kwan is trying to stay out of drama. As drama as Kwan was in her earlier years, she never really wanted to involve her family into it. Like she could beef with anyone but it can't be bad press about her family. Here? She's stuck between her sister and her lover. Lol Not a good spot especially when this event was so classy. Lol

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All I can say is OMG!!! Her face like wanna kill him already, if they don't take her away maybe there might be fight between the BF and sis in here lol. I'm feel so embarrass for Golf and golf's family they all like went to this event,lolll. There already hashtag supportgolfkwan on ig. I wonder would Kwan sis get yell by their mom or Kwan after this?

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OMG, so rude of her. I mean how will Kwan and Golf look at each other's face after this when they were so lovey-dovey before this event.

Wonder why she was so upset, she looked really angry..

She would have said to Kwan, but this make Kwan look bad and she might be really sad by hers sister doing now as she was looking forward to this opening of hers product..

Well, Good luck to both of them.

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Hahahahahaha Mel, your comment about caatching the wig off. I'm about to go watch the clip now.

So this was the issue fans are telling them to susu

Dang idk what the beef was but that was bad on her part.But in her defense, I think she wanted the day to be just to be about her sister and her LA Uzi business and not let everyone focus on GK relationship there. Did Khun Tue wanted Golf to interview with Kwan, like a couple interview to the press?

Kwan looked really uncomfortable and pretending to smile in that interview with her mom. Poor Kwan, that day is suppose to be about her and then this thing happen.

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It looked like that person was leading Golf right to press where Kwan was getting interviewed, which to me, I think thats a bit rude. It is about Kwan, and unless Kwan calls him over, I dont see why he had to head that direction and cut her off during the interview

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