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  1. gosh what going to happen with FJS script..i need the DVD of original lakorn, if they going to edit to follow the Thailand Islamic Advisor...grrrrr so angry....so stupid...

    1. Sunny


      I read and its so silly, Thailand need to be open minded I know some can be sensitive but if you dont like, dont watch, close your eyes and ears.

    2. suk13_karn


      is so stupid is just a lakorn...grrrrrr what left with this lakorn if no sweet scene..poor the cast they might have to refilm adding the wedding scene before pranang can touch each other...grrrrr shit..n'ek is not even Islam she's Christian...

  2. Hi Suk,

    1. tipstar


      LOL. I pressed enter by accident! Just wanted to say that your avatar is lovely. I was totally addicted to the Princess' Man. Such a good drama!

  3. can admin remove Tanya name from Raak Boon? she's not in there. thanks.
  4. hello..i'm doing good..thanks ja for the add..

  5. Hello Suk! Just realised that I've never even visited your profile before. Hope you're well! :D

  6. omg i'm get flu & fever now...another 4 days i'm going to fly for my vacation to Beijing and there quite cold now...hopefully i'm getting better so that i can fully enjoy it hurrrrrrrrr

    1. myasally


      aww..poor you, if you still not getting well contact me, maybe I could go in your place...hahhaa just kidding. Hope you get well soon and have lots of fun in Beijing...Holiday only mean the best when our heart and body in the best condition..

    2. suk13_karn


      thank you ja...i hope i get better soon..

  7. snow that one already change tittle to Roy Lae Sanae Luang, and the confirm pranang is Weir & Mai. already starter filming.
  8. this one can be pin http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/13846-ch7-pbah-nang-seur-2-kantana/page__pid__593720__st__30#entry593720
  9. oh ok, thanks! Must be their computers then lol

  10. yes, i can download.

  11. Hey Suk I was wondering if u can dl this link, its TTS subbed, some members are saying they cant download it but I can dl it just fine so I wanted to ask you does it work for you. Its the regular download one


  12. you mean TawanTorSaeng? i don't know the link where to watch cuz i watch it live from tv, maybe you can find it from AF there are someone upload most all the lakorn.

  13. Can you post the link to dowload this drama?

  14. Dear admin, i'm not so sure wheter Namtha Kai Mook got change name to Maya See Mook or not. But there is new lakorn same company Kantan call Maya See Mook and the pranang are Vee & Green. i've post some pix of MSM on NKM thread..is up to you guys to change the tittle or create a new thread. http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/15216-ch7-namtha-kai-mook-kantana/page__pid__592293__st__45#entry592293
  15. admin ja Sao Noi haven't end..can pin it back? http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/14365-ch9-sao-noi-exact-scenerio/page__st__150__gopid__591982#entry591982
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