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  1. Pitsawart is freaking good. I didn't know I would be this into it. My heart already aches so badly for Khun Ubol. Dang, this has been the only lakorn so far this year that has made me feel this way. Lol

    1. honda


      I hope they go into more detail as to why Ubon was the chosen one to guard the treasure.

    2. spring13


      Where can I watch this?

    3. Mann


      Omg same here. I was sooo sad. Especially when Khun Ubil was pleading to the heavens. Akinee in the past life was such an ass. She seems so sweet. Hopefully we get more context and I'm sure we will haha.

  2. When does Mai Davika's contract end with Ch. 7? And can someone tell me why she's only been having one lakorn per year? I'm obsessed with her right now. I hope she becomes freelance and hops over to Ch. 3 with Mario and Ch. One with Push. Mai has some mad acting talents but too bad not enough great pra'akes in Ch. 7.

    1. Thip


      I think a year left

    2. aiyaja


      Thanks ja, Thip. Man. What will happen if Pancake, Kwan, Mai, and Min hops over? They're going to shake Ch. 3 up. Haha.

    3. NinjaKKN


      Mai chose to have only one lakorn per year b/c she's also doing movies.

  3. Vill received the cake we got her on behalf of all SonVillFCUSA and VillFCUSA! It's the pink one Vill is holding: Gandawasee, Maytinee, Wanida, and Beauty! So happy! Check it out here! https://instagram.com/p/1S5v3vH6UT/

  4. Is Spicy accepting new member registrations right now? Just wondering. :)

    1. Mai


      I dont think we've locked it since we opened it up the last time

    2. aiyaja


      Oh okay, thanks. It keeps giving an error when they register.

    3. Mai


      No it should work. Have they been perhaps banned? You can pm me their info and I'll try to manually register them

  5. I created an Instagram account for Vill Wannarot. Please join if you're a fan. Thanks. It's @villwannarotfans. :)

    1. Sunny


      wow i didnt know you are a hardcore fan like this!

    2. aiyaja


      Haha. It's seasonal. I'm just getting hyped over Ngao Jai.

  6. I just love this program because it converts the video without losing its quality, something other programs have a hard time doing and then the hardsubbing part was just a major plus. :blush: Hm, perhaps I'll try that program you mentioned.
  7. Yeah, that's the only bad part about Sony Vegas, it's even more tedious than Subtitle Workshop. I'm going to buy it soon.... *fnny* Yeah, I already deleted both testing videos.
  8. ^Thanks ja. Will test it out. Sorry, took a bit longer. The file you sent was FLV and unfortunately, Wondershare doesn't read FLV with SRT, so had to download a MP4 version of the MV. And then the .SRT file you sent was backwards LOL, so I had to rearrange the subtitles, but for testing purposes only, here you go. I think I understand now. The file whether it be FLV or MP4, the highest quality it can go is 360p, which means, yes, once the file is hardsub, the subtitles does fall back on the quality of the video; therefore, the subtitles won't look as sharp as let's say a 720p video. That only makes sense. However, if you want the subtitles to be clear, you can add subtitles through a video maker like Sony Vegas, now that program for sure, will not use the quality of the video for the subs.
  9. ^Oh darn, too late, it says those files are unavailable. Or should I keep on trying again? Does Sendspace say that when it's too busy?
  10. Hm...do you mind sending me the clip and .srt file and I'll see if it's just you or somehow help you resolve it? LOL But that's if you want to, I'm fine either way. Normally, the quality of the video shouldn't affect the subs and vice versa since all you're doing is slapping the subs on top of the video. LOL
  11. Generally, subs are separate from video quality. The quality of the video does not affect the subs. However, if you hardsub the subs and then make the size of the file smaller by converting it, the subs will be decreased in quality too. But if the video is ready to go and then you hardsub, the subs will be in good quality. And it also depends on what type of program you use to hardsub too. Some programs will compress the files as they hardsub, which will of course, make the subs low in quality and you run into the issue you mentioned. This progrm doesn't compress anything, it doesn't decrease the file quality at all, it just simply hardsubs without all of the fuss you experience like Virtual Dub. Anyway, I uploaded a short clip for you to see how the watermark is and the quality of the subs. You can always change the font and size of the subs. The program will preview it for you to see it right then and there when you change your settings. Yeah, I haven't purchased it, still saving. LOL
  12. ^Yeah, it hardsubs very quickly; however, there's a watermark on it though for the free version. like a big one right in the center. I would rather just buy it, it's like 30 bucks or so because it's sooooo worth it.
  13. In about 12 hours or so, it'll be the end of Sood Sai Paan! I'll miss it but at the same, I'll be happy to see the grand finale! I heart Thitit & Gandawasee!

    1. Sunny


      Finally it was so fun :D

    2. Maiko


      *Sniff* *Cry* I know! We're reaching the end of the string... I so pray we'll get a satisfying ending! (Oh, and a quick end to all the Nee troubles. :D). Praying for good ratings now!

  14. I have never been so disappointed in any lakorn. Sood Sai Paan, you take the cake for that.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Maiko


      Faith, Aiyja! xD

    3. Sreymao


      I kinda pause after episode 13. It's going nowhere. Just wait to watch the b end now lol. .

    4. Maiko


      ...Disappointment and heartache all over again, Aiyaja! T_T ='(

  15. Hey, what happened to the Koo Kum Movie Thread? Finally watched the movie today. I don't know why people praised Nadech so much when his acting was pretty average to say the least. His eyes were dry and there was no chemistry. If you thought Nadech was bad in Raeng Pradthana, this one to me was worse. The love scene was SO AWKWARD! And the ending was ruined. Richie is BEYOND bad. LOL

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mai


      I dont think that Kobori was suppose to be slow and retarded. From the teasers that's exactly how I described his character, slow and retarded lol

    3. Kimix


      HAHAHA. too funny. lolz. Bird's Kobori was the best is all I can say. lol

    4. iceteayang


      you know why his kobori is retarded? coz ppl can't understand why he loves angsumalin!this version of kk is beyond bad...everything about this movie is bad...no wonder it flopped!!!

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