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    yeah i stop buying from them... not only their quality wasn't all that great but they burn them on a cheap disc.. i had to reburn them on a better disc after i got them just so that they last... so it was such a waste for me..
  2. natty


    omgggg.. is it down again?
  3. yeah it is especially when you want to watch the first one but they featured the last one..
  4. lol i notice that when i was searching "sytycd top 4 finale"
  5. natty


    lol aiyaja.. its under tvshow-music- page 12
  6. natty


    oh yeah i know noiki! woke up this morning and the first thing i did was check your site.. total shock! no last epi of skk!!! then i checked iptv.. the live was down
  7. lol total hypocrite.. we so need less people like that..
  8. natty


    ugh.. iptv down again huh?
  9. lol or like that one girl that start talking shit and bashing us here.. then go over to sarn and talk shit and bash us over there when our forum was offline.. but yet lol in her blog page, she has spicy's youtube video on it.. omg what nerve.. but wait.. i guess she's ok with it cus what was it that she said? oh yeah.. lol she see nothing wrong with taking people stuff and not crediting it cus she claim people take her stuff all the time... omg yeah right! more like she jack other people stuff to claim it at her own which was why she doesn't care others take it... talk about double thickness
  10. natty


    yeah iptv have been slow lately.. at first i thought it was my laptop but then it was the same for my pc.. so i thought it was my connection.. but then when i check the speed, it was at full speed..
  11. oh man you should had seen our multi colors skin.. that one rocks..
  12. natty


    omg so it's not only me? dude.. this blows..
  13. natty


    nope it's not lol
  14. yes i do take requests.. check out the forum announcement..
  15. oops i broke my own rule by spamming haha.. anyways.. are you sure it's a vampire and not a snake shamp? or maybe vampires represent snakes in the modern day.. lol.. so unless you really do want to meet your true love.. you better not leave the house and if a guy come visit, close your eyes!!! <_< lol jk ok going shopping now.. byesss.. wish me luck..
  16. lol no shamp.. it's probably one of the many fans you offended wanting your blood..
  17. lol well they're vampires tina lol.. before sunup.. lol and after sun down..
  18. whoohooo it works it works it works!!!! :blink:
  19. lol as long as their aum.. news will never die down lol..
  20. it's ok tina.. you HAVE to sleep early.. lots of rest!!!!!
  21. lol i'm dying to comment about aum's dek and his rumors!
  22. well hopefully we get it running after thanksgiving.. lol i gotta go to bed now nite!!
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