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  1. I seriously don't want to take two luggages!!! Maybe i'll just take 1 and do some shopping! yes SHOPPING!!!!

  2. My new favorite movie: First Kiss with Rodmay and Phet

  3. OMG!!! I so hope my makeup brushes get here ontime! Ordered last night and expected SHIP date is the 8th! wth! I leave for the island on the 12th!

  4. Life is what you make of it. Good or bad, sad or happy, you are the only one who holds the pen. Write it well so thta in the end you can say, "The story of this life was a great one."

  5. proong nee testing #2 early in the morning

  6. Ah, my mini 5 days vacation is over.. back to work for a week and a half before another 2 weeks of vacation to hawaii!!!

  7. Yayy, Nutwara on Seuk 12Rasee!! ^_^

  8. A love that is carelessly thrown out does not deserve a second chance.

  9. UGHHH I have a 9am meeting tomorrow and I can't freaken sleep.. the vp will be there too

  10. What is the used of saying things that will not help but instead hurt?

  11. oh my freaken god.. tax is killing me!!!!

  12. "When Passion Leads" the title for my next fanfic starring Nadech, Yaya, and two more I haven't decided.

  13. Must finish one story before I can write another.

  14. OH MY GOD I'M SOOO HUNGRY.. but i can't eat.. gotta fast for bloodtest.. boooo

    1. Sunny


      aww, hope all goes well!

  15. I can't believe I got my muse back.. ("\(^_^)/")

  16. DinResa.... so unfair!!

  17. Those who compare itself to a deity really need to float back down to earth.

  18. Hate is a strong feeling, so the more someone hates you the stronger their feelings are for you.

  19. kidteung kao jung leuyyyyy... ja dai pope id meuh rai naaahhhh??????? *sigh* i hate this feeling.

  20. la di da di da.. i'm at the office all by my self.. everyone is off for easter weekend but me cus i have to prepare for a HUGE board meeting on monday. oh why did i accept this promotion? WHYYYYY?????

  21. "I'll love you forever.... until I find someone better"... hahaha wtf?

  22. "Love " means so much but destroyed so many.

  23. Did some retail therapy today on my business credit card. lol My brother will be getting a statement email on april fools day (still 4/1 here in the u.s) that wont be so april fools HAHAHAHA..

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