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  1. Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination. ~ Voltaire ~ ..... Wishing my bestfriend Julie and Paul a forever.

  2. Thanks for the video tipstar! They are totally cute!!

  3. Patience is REALLY not one of my Virtues. Really..

    1. Sunny


      I never really checked status updates so no one really replies to mine but I've noticed you've been going around SPAMMING everyone HAHA great! Thought I was the only one using this function.

    2. natty


      I was not spamming! I was being an active admin who check on other members. ^_^

    3. Sunny


      I was doing the same earlier but no one was using it so I stooped a little but have always updated mine (hoping one day some soul will see lol) :P

  4. Hate is a really strong word that I wish I can use easily but I can't. I'll just save it for bitches then.

  5. Tomorrow is a new day, fight to survive today to start fresh tomorrow.

  6. You know, friendship last longer.

  7. You can spend thousands to alter your look to be perfect but no money on earth can alter the impefection inside of you.

  8. I knew that the best thing for you was me walking away. You realize that now and found someone who I know is right for you and will make you happy. I hope you can forgive me now and not hate me any longer. It is time that I find happiness as well.

  9. The best thing in life is ahead of you, not behind you.

  10. True love take a second to feel but a lifetime to forget.

  11. Status is an option. Choose carefully.

  12. You can't run away from the truth, might as well give up and accept reality. ^_^

  13. Time heals everything. ^_^

  14. Go be with the person who makes you happy but please do not disrespect the one who used to. At least remember that you were once happy with that person as well.

  15. Using others to get over what you lost is stupid and childish. Not only are you hurting yourself, you are also hurting 2 others.

  16. ผู้หญิงไม่ได้ต้องการผู้ชายที่เลิศเลอ แค่ผู้ชายที่รักเธอเพียงคนเดียว... cr. hoksingha

    1. natty


      translation: women do not what a perfect guy, she just want one that loves only her.

  17. When it rains you want it to pour so that it can clean all the filth left by human. So when you hurt, cry to the fullest because like it is with rain, the sky afterward is so much more beautiful.

  18. I was afraid he wouldn't love me, afraid he would leave me that I surrendered everything to him even though it wasn't fair. That wasn't love but infatuation or to put it bluntly, it was stupidity.

    1. natty


      กลัวเค้าจะไม่รัก กลัวเค้าจะทิ้ง เลยยอมให้เค้า

    2. natty


      ทุกอย่าง แม้ไม่แฟร้ แบบนี้ไม่ใช่ความรักแต่เป็น

    3. natty


      ความหลง ถ้าให้พูดตรงๆ ก็มีความโง่รวมด้วย

  19. Love has no pride, it has no reason, it just feels. If you are sure that what you feel is love, fight for it, don't give up. Weakness are only for those who did not really love. If that is the case, then walk away before you hurt the other person with your false sense of love.

  20. Memories are not there to make you sad, it's there to remind you that life should always go on. Look toward the future and remember that only you can write how it should go.

  21. Regrets are only for those who do not think before they do something.

  22. It's true that loneliness is only our enemies when we do not set goals for ourselves.

  23. natty

    hello peun.. diew nee mai kouy gun leuy na!!!

  24. When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us. Alexander Graham Bell

  25. It's actually Naem Ronnadet not Gap omg i thought it was Gap lol the one in parn's mv with noon s.. sorry sunyah..
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