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  1. This is the final style or will be more change ka? I like the color combo and cute emo you put on ka may be because I’m in to this artist right now illustanne so, everything in bright color got me ka thank you for your hard work na ka.
  2. Forum new style naruk dee ka just in time for spring good job nong nong.
  3. I found this freeware very useful small and it is so simple to use and works like a dream download and convert in once fast Filename: vdownloader.zip http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LLAFAO3Y VDownloader description Download Google, Youtube and Grinvi videos on your computer in avi or mpeg format VDownloader allows you to download videos from Youtube, Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace, DailyMotion, Pornotube, and many other similar sites, saving them in AVI or MPG format. Run Vdownloader.exe and copy the url of the video you want to download. Click on Download button...
  4. Something new here radio.. What kind of the song play on spicy radio? do you take any request?
  5. Look at what it can do thank so much Sunny I will check it out
  6. Good to know some other web vdo upload host but youtube so easy to use and I got so many vdo there hard to switch thanks girls for the links
  7. kluay


    Not that difficult at all but you have to know how to convert vdo file too if you want to make MV from dvd or vcd movie, lakorn I learned it from tutorial here the one sunny posted so proud of myself when I finish my first one
  8. kluay

    hide code

    Oh that’s it! That’s how I was wondering too hehe! Thanks shampoo.
  9. kluay

    DVD Ripper

    JA I couldn’t quote it don’t know why? Sunny if I already had YouTube VDO upload on my page do I have to go to the entire thing you posted?
  10. kluay

    DVD Ripper

    nong sunny is it how to convert and post YouTube VDO here right? I thought we post the link URL or something to make the VDO show up?? Not sure how to call it? BTW Thanks you ka.
  11. I meant about from what sunny said too I start to understand how this web host work now I’ll take all your guys advises and will learn from it thanks so much again na ka.
  12. thanks so much madeph I will start over thanks so much KhoOnxNouxWanxJai I see know I'm not going to bother fighting it I will start over this time I'm using sendspace might take time but I only upload one lakorn right now I see many people upload many lakorns at once they don't complain why would I <_< just think that Im uploading another lakorn that's it I will remember not to upload high GB to one host from now on..
  13. nong Mai tam daai ka-naat nan loie geng jing-jing Yes they should other why I don’t have to reupload and got lock like this
  14. I been using this site for a year or so never had any problem may be like sunny said my account got bigger So, I have to let it go right girl? This is the best site I know upload and download fastest from all but they just got new thing streaming vdo file so, even know my account been locked but you still can watch my file I only half way mad, I might reply them tell them Mai story that we it's old material, and regardless if it's new or not, Thais arent greedy, we share and ask for a second chance * Thanks for the help girl
  15. What can I do about it? They locked my account It took me a long time to upload those files and I never heard Thai series, lakorn like what we been uploading for years be illegal copyrighted content now? Can anyone tell me how to deal with this web host? filefront BTW
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