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  1. i'm going to try to make it a habit to say hi to you once a day shamp! lol.. OIL <3 FANG!

  2. oh gosh i so know what you mean!!!! too bad you cant abuse your power there lol..

  3. natty

    totally am not!

  4. daughter! ("\(^_^)/")

  5. dang... shampy is poopular!! lol..

  6. natty

    oh look.. the two spammers lol.. not only do they spam in the forum itself.. they also spam their profiles.. lol..

  7. noiki.. you accidently double post so i just deleted one of them okies..
  8. lol the forum is not all ok right now.. we just moved to a new server which is suppose to be faster then the old and better.. the move was just last night so alot of things are still out of place.. our admin admin is SORTA working hard on it lol.. so sit patient guys (i dont mean go spam.. don't forget the new spam rules lol)... but anyways.. mai should be able to fix the clock when she signs back in later today.. lol i got confuse with the date as well.. truly thought today was july 4th lol.
  9. natty

    warning %

    thanks for the permission ka p'dyno
  10. natty


    yup and you dont want to mistranslate either cus it can make it mean something else.
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