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  1. lice interview wid daras? ahaha jk aww kit all sound soo kwel gosh shuld be thnkful if it works around thnksgivin` keke
  2. yeah fool me lol one day i`ll realli listen from spicy kekee
  3. ahsha my bad hey if it makes u feel anybetter like i said i thot i was listenin` sumtin` from spicy too ahha
  4. yeah it was my own window media lol i turn it off or at leat i thot i did but yeah keke
  5. it disappear on me wen i tried to click on it 4rm window media lol i thot sumtin1 was gonna pop up n i heard song but it was in thai MY OWN window media instead ahah XDDD
  6. aww yay! i noe i see it too keke gwen`s song- early winter lol
  7. omb! aww how kwel is this? keke spicy`s bein` a hit forum kekeke yay! sounds interestin` thnks ja
  8. ooh so pinky/kwan n other daras will b there? lol sounds like alot of daras how kwel i`ll be sure to check it out keke
  9. wahh dis totally rocks! lol now my frens can watch n i dun have to trans lol dey can catch latest lakorn just like me w/o waitin` for it to be dubbed keke thnks ja must go spraed the word n support keke such kindess ^^
  10. lol aww poor fahh [x fahh ja u shuld delte n get a new one if it`s still causing trouble or come over agen n use mine [ i think i still got it never used it really lol barely keke ]
  11. passionalee


    oohhh i wanna learn too lol using pix isnt dat hard4rm wut my fren tells me ish the clips dat`s kinda difficult xD
  12. she is very tiny n small n young tooh! i hope dey promote her more keke wid mann`s gwd too keke
  13. wahh ? she has wun ? she`s soo cute n small! lol very adorable n narak like her lakorn title wid mann keke
  14. wahh! realli ?! uh-oh hmm wonder wut i have done >.< ekk! danx ja ish late agen lol

  15. spammin` sham!? lol dat`s a cute nick name for u keke just wanted to stop by na ^^ ish like super late over hea >.<

  16. aww i didnt noe how dese sections or things work! kinda hard to adjust still lol dun wanna mess up ekke but i wanna comment too na keke just wanna stop by n say thnk you soo mux for all ur hard work! u`re wunt swt gal na stay wonderful alwse na ^^

  17. aww thnk you very mux ja but same with mai kinda not realli i did sumtin` diff n i wasnt tryin` to burn things more like saving and it tells me i`m low on space but w/e lol && i went to the control panel it doesnt have the Performance and Maintenance ja but my cleaning disk pops on for me wen i`m low on it n i try to do it like cleaning it but..... but it pops on barely now.... so dat`s fine i suppose keke havent realli been savin n e thing so yeah xD thnk yu tho for u help na ^^
  18. danx nalika for the info na && yeah i`ve been to dat Cdrive many times n delete stuff it`s still tellin` me da same thing over n over....
  19. i was encounter wid probs too i couldnt log in kept tellin` me my PW was wrng n wen i did....half the stuff was missin` from my side lol xD arrg!.... n e wase.... Mai did u ever solve the disc space problem ? if so.... wanna share wit me on how to get rid of the pop up tellin` me i`m runnin` out ofspace? lol edit: omb! it just pop tellin` me i`m like low n it`s at risk very stupid comp
  20. omB! dude mai ja i had like the same freaken problem && i still do! lol never really found the answer or soultion to it so i just gave up and it pops up every now and then annoys the crap out of me and i too start to just delete stuff after i DLs dem....gosh it was such a HASSLE! i wanted to buy sum space for the comp dont even know if such things exsit like dat lol nalika try to help n explain this problem to me in the thread of compress lakornn i still dont get it i try followin` it n do it but it still pops up tellin` me i have low space n wut not....
  21. oh wow it seems like dere`s a variety of waes to do it i was wonderin` how to do it too i HAD nero but wen my comp crash it crash too n disappear && lately my comp`s being realli SUPER lame n stupid! rawr! keeps tellin` me i`m runnin` out of space! wtw is DAT all abt ?!
  22. dey sure seem to change alot t-media is like my other home but i`m more here in spicy keke both are very gewd forums :tbs:
  23. dude i sign up lol i dink u shuld noe which wun && no i dint use dis username keke
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