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  1. rachet celebrities...

  2. So the new talk show "Chun Bai Kang Keun Gub Supta" ... any idea where I can watch it? I have obizgo and I don't see i there :(
  3. Hey you guys! I've been using Obizgo for the past 1-2 years now. I do agree that the quality is not that great. I'm paying about 8 dollars for 30 days and I think 20 (or 25?) for 90 days now. Are there any recommendations?
  4. I have a question. My friend's mom will be on this show or something in Thailand. We're trying to figure out which channel xD. She says its Ttv(titanium tv) and it's some sort of music thing?
  5. Kristy

    Pei Arak

    lol thats pretty old xD thanks =)
  6. Kristy

    Pei Arak

    Hey guys, random question. How old is Pei Arak? The guy that played with Aum and Koy's ex bf.
  7. Hey I was wondering if any had the new url to Pat and Por Affection. I was there a month ago and I remember bookmarking it... but it's not here. So if anyone has it, please share
  8. I'm looking for one of Dan's song.. I don't remember xactly how th song goes, but part of it goes like this: "Rao kong yoo duay kun eek nan saen nan" I think it was a song made for Big... not sure...
  9. Kristy


    Okay, so all of the sudden my windows media player doesn't work for Obizgo anymore. I won't play the movie. So my question is, is there any other way where I could stream the movies using another program?
  10. Lol, This lakorn is pretty old now. Maybe if it's not too much work I could sub it. Which episode did the subs stop on?
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