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  1. Ps. Ppls have been making noise since 9am smh! But we gna have the entire block LIT so I'm excited! LolĀ 

  2. Happy Fourth of July everyone! Have fun and be safe! #america ! Lols

  3. lol either way it ain't stop me from coming to the forum hahahaha @Sunny
  4. No I always joke w friends that my phone will get virus from too much porn ( lmfao) but never had it actually happen til recently from spicy forum so I'm just worried cus I didn't think to get protection for my iPhone
  5. Again it happens to me lol way too often now >_< wonder if he virus enter my phone I gotta wait at least t2-3 year to come back to the forum so like now I'm able to post and make comment when I leave and come back it'll show the above pic I post and then I'll have to wait a few hours to have it clear ..... is it really just me?:(
  6. Well I'm back on it finally lol man I didn't know it was hay much difficulty to maintain a site! Dam buggers trying to come in smh
  7. Yes! Last night I couldn't log in and it kept referring me to the site above I posted lol
  8. Yeah I got the site again three hours ago and I guess it went away so now I'm back on spicy again. I hope the V didn't spread to my iPhone >_<
  9. Was the forum under attack recently? I kept getting these virus warning and hen routed me to something else i SC a pic of it lol @Mai @Sunny
  10. #goblinfeverstill

    1. Sunny


      Nope hahah I'm holding on for as long as possible

    2. passionalee


      Girl that's like torture too no? LOLĀ 

    3. Sunny


      Not really, to think when I'm super bored I can watch this hahaha lately I've not been super bored yet.

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  11. Oh man! Girl don't loose the forum Now lol it would be really sad :( I think I've encountered this issue before too where it wasn't aol but another issue /: dam viruses Oh pls pin jeab and push club Friday TBO na lol
  12. The past two days I kept hitting the home button to spicy and it kept routing me to AOL. Did anyone had this prob? It's fix now that's why I'm able to post here lol
  13. Aww phooey! Lol. Is anyone else facing this difficulty tho? Lol update to the new one pls lol
  14. @sunny ja I know I emailed u regarding an email to a user on here but I can't even open my inbox. It just keeps on spinning that loading sign :( any reason why it's doing that? In sure my inbox isn't full cud I don't email anyone but that user and if I recall right it might just be four times lol sorry if I'm bugging u on this thread wrongly >_< lmk thanks ^_^
  15. Question , what does it mean when a member / even an admin can not receive anymore new messages? Am I blocked lmao

    1. Sunny


      Maybe your msg is full and you need to delete some.

  16. I never knew we now have status updates! Lol so many changes and diff members now.

    1. Kimix
    2. Mai


      Yea its been a while lol

    3. passionalee


      Lmao well I was gone for almost ten years hehe @sunny @mai @kmix makes me really miss spicy lol

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  17. i just notuice PP form goes thru alot of changes N URLs lol xD gahh thank goodnesss ppl update i get so lost xD thank uu
  18. aww nso dis is da site everyone be waitin` for?? keke thnks ja if it just started dey prolly still b puttin` stuff up & 2gtha ^^
  19. aww it's not badd ja^^ i like da color keke & i like how it looks small & tiny keke its cutee^^
  20. like i said b4 keke since i`ve grown fond of purple dis is nice not bad in the eye too keke
  21. aww kwell! now i can help RIP some of my frens dvds for her keke
  22. aww it does work? hmm so how do u REALLI use it thne? lol i dun see the icons no more >.<
  23. see that`s how i saw it too lastnite so i was xcited n click on window media thinkin` it work but it dint lol
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