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  1. aww dude! i could`ve given it to u wen my uncle n auntie had their store.... Ahhh why do you wanna kill me?? wahhh aww i dont wanna kill u aj sunny...may i shuldnt have said n e thing my bad u can blame my uncle cuz he the one wanted to sale n open a restaurnt instead lol
  2. aww dude! i could`ve given it to u wen my uncle n auntie had their store....
  3. umm sure I'll ask her thanks ja <3jieb && mae nak ?? the one i saw was of fon in it...gosh wut a scary mae nak she was...
  4. uhhh noo... to be totally honest with you i discover spicy first n then heard abt sarnworld after the old board was deleted *lol!* so yeah i`m not a membver there so i dont know who`s there n who`s sellin` lol can one of u who are a member ask if she`ll/he`ll want to sell it to a none member of sarn but a member of spicy ??
  5. oh gosh i check out the geo./thai_lakorn page they have some lakorn that i realli wanted but dey say dey`ll only proivde n sell to the sarnforum peeps... i`m no apart of dat forum so i cant pm/nor email her abt wantin` the lakorns.... grrr....
  6. pat is sooo cute n prudy && pink realli suits her!
  7. ooh yay! more siteys for pat keke the lito enter icon dey madfe is soo cute! danx for sharin` ja
  8. passionalee


    i thot u would but Shampoo jsut stoppin` by like i did cuz i was curious && now dat i read it i wanna noe how too keke
  9. ooh kwel danx kim. i wonder if i can watch old lakorns in there
  10. yeah dat`s tru && it seems like yooh noe alot too. ish like i see u in all the thread dat dey ask help with lol. gosh such a handy person yooh are ^^
  11. gosh Shampoo is alwse first at help wid these kinda of threads
  12. out of all this dat yooh suggest wut`s best it use for? like for each one what`s the best to use and for what kind of upload is it best for?
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