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my blog :D :D :D

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yay i finally published it! it aint a writing blog though. cause i don't feel da need to let da whole world know how i feel bout whatever. only here is fine hahaha. it's a blog full of downloads (or eats, i call them eats on my blog lol) ;) i'll be taking requests for lakorn soon so u should check frequently ;) i'll be uploading dao krajaai, five live, & greenwave cover night plus concerts regularly and other uploads will appear when i want dem to lol or i might start taking requests for other shows too. please visit and eaddup lots!


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thanks soysuva! visit often *funpost*

yeah i sometimes spend forever on fonts bc i go back and forth and can't decide if i want it to be simply or fancier lolz. plus i have a whole bunch of fonts so it takes time to go over it.

oh my garsh i know! i remember when i was still making websites i played around w/ font a lot to make graphics ahhhh it takes foreverrr

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yea i did spend a lot of time on it organizing and all dat oh my gosh. i hope i get lots of downloads. i did perdy good for my first day. deres a reason y i'm willing to spend time to do it though and if what i expect happens then i'll let yah know *clps**hyp*

awww good luck.

I know what you expect *clps*

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