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:P I know, when you're a stater it's confusing. Anyway, I don't have virtualdub anymore and even if I download virutaldub, I don't know if we still have subtitle filter because last time we did. :D

I think when you record from wmr the file is .wmv? You need to have a converter than can convert wmv to avi.

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Maybe Noiki has a converter lol

virtual lab like the one you sent me right? :blink: I might still have the dl somewhere on the computer

remember you said you don't have anymore because you restored your laptop. Anyway Noiki link you to virtuldub in that link I gave you above.

I asked Darv. So let's see what he said. *rxl* Cuz I have no idea either. I haven't done this for so long, I'm losing my skills here. *muha*

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Mai you don't need to convert wmv teptida gave us that avisynth thing that allows us to put wmn files into virtualdub.

but i dunno if it was the clip or wmv file bc the voices didn't sync with the vid

I dont think I dl it....

someone needs to start a thread on step to step on how to sub, and in there dl all the programs and software needed, cause I'm so confused, and I'm sure shamp is as well :omg5:

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