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hello everybody! heheh, our [mine, vanida , des & mickey's forum/site], will be posted here.




Updates On The Site!

3/17/07 - 3/18/07,



- New Layout, Featuring Kwan from birthday

- Added Portfolio, Downloads

- Got Banner Section in downloads

- About Us Section - Past Layouts Added

- Links, Updated links of many thai sites

- fixed everything that needed

- New Enter Layout Page

- Happy Birthday to kwan, event..coming soon

- Please Visit..hehe it'll be nice..

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wow, thanks so much noiki & sunny , you guys are too kind, ..sunny, your site looks fantastic, hehehe i say it looks way professional, mine looks plain & look like one of those worn out layouts lol..noikis right, she says your looks different, which makes it look so wonderful, & it would look weird if site looks all the same..hehehe thanks so much noiki & sunny, you girls made my day :wub:*cries*

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hehehe, yeah makin layout takes forever, cause i am never satifisfied, it took like almost 2-3 weeks to make this layout & i probably have like 4 different banners sittin around & different colors that would make it look like a rainbow ehehhe. lolz. :wub:*cries* ...awww sunny take more time. i bet it'll look way good, hehehe :tbs: , & noiki i love your layouts too..your yui one is so cute...and for you too sunny, your namfon one lol.

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lolz but i told you it took me 4 different layouts to get to the one i have now lolz. i try to go for simply and i got mixed up and ended up putting too much so i had to ditch one and start new again. i know what you're feeling Mann lolz i go through it all the time. i think i have 10 layouts i haven't used yet for yui's site bc they're too un-simply i have to go simplify them.

yes, 2 sites is hard, but notice how i haven't updated one of them in years??? lolz

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lol sunny, i have like 5 sites, two i don't update hahhaah, ummm its arayafanclub & beautiful.hearts, i don't update those..so many lolz. i am only on pinkyfanclub, noonclub, & kwanfanclub. wow lots of clubs heehhe, lolz noiki , yeah it takes so many layouts to get one..its like urrrg ahahha hurts your brain..lol yeah you haven't updated the fushiginoiki one, & i understand its so hard heeheh, thanks amy! hehehe...lolz i think i'ma make a new layout again, not satisfied ahahha, i'ma make a new one with a new banner lolz..for reals ahha.. *^lol* .. lol thanks girls *rxl*

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wow Mann! you have a forum for kob too? i never knew that! *rll* so how many forums do you have total?

nope no forum for kob *hihe* , heehhe she's the layout person who is in it lolz, i have urmmm, like 1 forum by myself, but i am admin @ noonclub, kwanfanclub, pinkyfanclub..lolz hehehe .. *fly*

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