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No idea, but it might because seeing from what the article said lol other companies may want to come out and take the same measure as a save face type thing because from what bbtv has said from the article

"As one of Thailand's most recognized television channels, BBTV's mission is

to provide entertaining content for our viewers, at home and abroad.

Unfortunately, when our materials are used without our consent, not only is

BBTV's business impacted, but our image and reputation among our audiences is

also potentially sullied because our work is now being marketed in manners

that do not conform with the high standards for which we are recognized. In

our view, there is no question that the defendants' actions are being

conducted deliberately and without regard to U.S. copyright or trademark law."

So other companies might come out and say the same thing?

Gosh, all this time I thought iptv was legit LOL

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Oh man that sucks I wonder if video stores get their videos from iptv too? It'll totally suck I was hoping the video store would have Rook Kard out but strange enough they don't have it yet

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oooh no if they take actions on youtube as well we all going to be bored lolz and sad, I mean I would be a little bit sad if my account gets deleted because all those videos uploaded etc but I'm actually half over it as well

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