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[Pictures] Channel 3 Runway 2016


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Here comes some more pictures :)

This MK picture is literally the highlight of the night for me. lol :) Everything else is just bleh and boring!


BA with Mark and Pat


KC with Mark and Yaya.


Mark. Nadech. Yaya.


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All pictures credit to owners and newsplus :)
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This girl stole the show! Leh lub trending on top on twitter


Cr. Keaw jung

Who's this girl?? A new Ch3 actress?? *rll*:omg5:*^lol* Looks a little old for her age *rxl* *rxl*

Yea yea I know its Nadech

Anyways saw Grate and Eye photo!! I wish they would star together again :fit:

Its weird to see Cheer there *em:P*

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