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  1. Literally Ch7 should just pair Bo and her husband together once they come back. They're a perfect couple.

    1. honda


      They sure are cute together.

    2. NinjaKKN


      They're a very good match.

  2. Was the rest of the episodes for neur mek 2 released? I want to watch it

  3. It's bothers me that these Thai award shows never know how to organize the seats. They should start doing assigned seats. It's just so empty in one area then full in the other.

    1. Kimix
    2. Noydarny80


      The seats are properly assigned but no shows. Most stars do not like to attend awards shows anyway since they know who are the winners for the night.

    3. xiong123


      There's no show cause the winners are usually the same people from ch3

  4. http://asiancorrespondent.com/2016/01/thai-soap-operas-rape/ The whole world hates Thailand right now. Thailand got backlashed over night for the rape article and racist ad.
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Noydarny80


      The last one I saw was with Kwan and Tui lakorn. I didn't think they were going to have a happy ending. In a way I don't blame the script writers or producers because audiences are calling for it. We all know that soap opera are declining in audiences and not all violence from it. People in Thailand now have choice to watch, they cable and they even mention netflix. So all media have blame to it not just Thai lakorn.

    3. Sunny


      TV these days though are reang, no rape scene but the willing scenes are getting very graphical :o

    4. Noydarny80


      I haven't seen any willing so graphical. I thought Pinanong already top everythimg.

  5. Oh shizz Pat's family just got jumped

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. xiong123


      I'm surprised Pat didn't punch the girl

    3. nanthao


      details? i saw some pic that say #teampat but i havent watch the news.

    4. xiong123


      Pat's niece said some harsh words to Pat's ex bf's new gf. Pat didn't want any problem, so they met up to clear the problem. I guess they started arguing and then Pat's niece (17) threw the first punch at the new gf(20). Pat's ex cheated on Pat, so the niece got mad and protected Pat.

  6. Ch3 censored out Ch8's mic on Nong and Namtarns interview

    1. nanthao


      Not sure what's going btw the two ch but i think this isnt the first time ch 3 block ch 8. if im correct, at ch 3's last bday party, ch 8 reporters were not allow to go into their event. Benz was one of the main person who blocked the reports too.

    2. Thip


      dont know what the problem is either but if ch3 is going to censore the mic, why even bother to interview their stars then?

    3. Kimix


      so unprofessional..rather childish

  7. That alcohol news is getting way too serious.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. xiong123
    3. NinjaKKN


      Those stupid celebrities should have known better. Woonsen admitted to getting paid that's why it's a big deal. Accepting money to promote and encourage others to drink alcohol is illegal and punishable by law, especially in social media to minors. They're celebrities with money and fame so their punishment will likely be just a fine or nothing at all.

    4. Noydarny80


      Yeah just like Woody and Jack were sentenced to 1 years in jail for slandering but I still see them on Tv.

  8. I died while watching Tubtims round vs Killer Swift. The part when she almost fell off the spinning thing, but held on like 3times got me. I was literally like oh shit I'm dead. I love how she never gave up on that round.

    1. spring13


      Is it on youtube?

    2. sunnyaucheung
    3. sunnyaucheung


      Tubtim is a fighter. Gotta give it to her. Lol

  9. How many parts were to the Somsri Program ?

  10. Omg I just saw Weir and Janie at an event together. Weir or Janie needs to be freelance because they would make a good couple.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sunny


      Hmm no thank you lol

    3. sunnyaucheung


      so much love for Janie. Lol

    4. RakLakorn


      Whenever Janie's name comes up, image magazine comes to my mind and vice versa

  11. I love Nadech, but I don't think that he deserved the Nataraj Award for best actor. One thing he really needs to improve on is his crying.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. krisayaporn


      Nadech role in Roy Fun is so suck.

    3. Mai


      Nadech didnt do his own stunts? I still think he deserves it for Rising Sun. The role sucked but he delivered

    4. fresh


      If I remember right, Na did all the fighting scenes himself. You can watch the BTS

  12. What's the problem between Pinky's husband and Susie ?

    1. krisayaporn


      Susie answer with media about her movie with Pinky and Husband making. She said that This movies cancelled, and her pay had half of it left. Then, Pinky and her husband talk about detail with this, and Pinky's husband so angry with Susie saying that they both break a promise. I will translate it, and post in this soon.

  13. Damn my boy Bie Sukrit is chasing after the American Dream. People out in the LA area go watch his upcoming musical.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mai


      Hes not even talented enough to make it in hollywood lol

    3. m3lhouse


      I've seen him perform a song for the show on a Thai tv channel and I'm embarrassed... Not even off broadway quality yet they hope they can make it hahahah dude.... At least he did it but doesn't mean he's good, theater is hard.

    4. soyrice


      yeah he's amateur.

  14. I thought my internet was messed up

  15. pantip.com/topic/33502327 , what is this all about ?

    1. Bet


      Curious what it is about. Saw my fav girl being mentioned.

    2. krisayaporn


      Thai netizen express an opinion for Yaya Urassaya. Almost people express an opinion about Yaya ีืืunnatural sound.

    3. Noydarny80


      Yeah we're talking her voice too. I don't know if she will ever going to have serious grow up voice.

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